All I want for Christmas Is You

Normally I’m quite the Scrooge around December, but once it nears Christmas Eve/Day, I get the urge to bake cookies, play Christmas music and god knows what else. I’m sure I’ll end up baking on Monday, my day off, but I’m not sure what yet, so I’ve been scouring the internet for various recipes to try out. I usually get bored once I actually make the batter, so I’m sure I won’t even bother with cookie cutters. As far as music goes, I downloaded A Santa Cause 2, and have been obsessing over Dave Melillo’s version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You“.

With all this non-Scroogeness you’d think I would’ve gotten my Christmas shopping done with, but the sad thing is that I haven’t even started yet. I get paid on the 22nd, so I’m quite sure that I will be shopping on the 24th, since I only work 6-10am, which means that I would already be up and ready. I don’t even mind shopping on Christmas Eve for some reason. I guess I’ve been so used to my dad shopping on Eve, that I like to do it too. Doesn’t feel last minute, because I generally am able to purchase everything that I want to.

Yesterday I worked, instead of going to Q101’s Twisted 12 to see Rise Against. When I was originally going to buy tickets, they had sold out (because of My Chemical Romance, so I didn’t request last night off. Around 12:30pm, Agata, a girl that I used to work with a few years ago, called me up to say they had an extra ticket, and wanted to go ahead and give it to me. Needless to say I didn’t take it, because I figured I was the only Shift Supervisor to work last night. Turns out I worked with Angelica which means that I could’ve called in Tony (who would’ve taken my shift!) to cover it, and I would’ve been able to go. Tears ensued… No not really 😉

Other then that, last night was pretty busy. I ended up walking out with $14 in tips, which has been the most our store has seen. The other day I barely walked out with $2, which is probably the worst. I’m sure it’s due to the Holidays and various other Scrooges out there that won’t part with their 3 cents from their $1.97 purchase. I’m still looking for another job. I decided yesterday that I am going to get off my arse and apply to Google. I should have done it the first time I was given the opportunity.

This entry will kind of be a bit jumpy, but deal with it. Things with Mark are still fantastic. I haven’t asked him about where “we’re” going yet. I’m not sure why I just can’t muster up the courage to ask him, so I really need to just compose an e-mail and send it to him. Because I know that I can’t go on without him really knowing that I want. Other then that, I’m pretty happy with where my life is right now. Oh, but Christmas Day will prove to be even better! Because I will be able to contain my Wii Envy–which only means one thing! =D


  1. Oh, I love baking Christmas cookies. I’m all about making them look super cool. I’m awesome like that.
    I used to wait until Christmas Eve to shop… but this year I actually got my shopping done early.

    I think it’s because I had nothing better to do.

    Hope your holidays go well! 😀

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