Feelin’ a little like déjà vu

I was performing my ritual habit of stalking the internet, when I noticed a few sites and things that happened a few months ago. Needless to say I’m not even going to worry about it, and that I just find it hilarious, and flattering. That and the fact this individual has gone out of the way for it too. But oh well, it’s the internet and I could give a shit about it.

Last night I ended up importing a shitload of my livejournal entries over to /ljarchive. All 1357 of them, and I’ve still got about 300-500’ish from an older (2001-2002) journal to add, but I can’t seem to remember the password for it. I was going to add them to this main blog, but I’ve been having chmod’ing issues with my upload directory, so for now it’ll stay at the directory. It was only set up to make sure no issues arose, but seems like it’ll be permenant if I can’t solve the mundane issue.

In other words it’s been a full year that I’ve had holdfire network up and running, and it’s still going strong as ever. November is going to be an awesome month, because I’ve got a lot of annual accounts that will be renewing, which is going to be great. I’m also a bit behind on the redesign–I’ve been working on it for far too long and have finally put the finishing touches on it. Hopefully if I can remain attentive on the design, I can get it up this week. But who knows, I’ve said “this week” a few weeks ago, and it’s still not up.

Google is still an option for me. I have to redo my resume, but once I get it set up and refresh my knowledge of linux commands, and other minute computer peripherals and “trivia” I will go ahead and get it in so I can hopefully get the job. Even if I don’t get the job, I can at least say I tried. But goddamn, Google would look amazing on my resume considering that it’s 100% related to the career I am building for myself.

I’m also waiting for Tiger Direct to get back to me in regards to my application, but at this point I’m not going to hold my breath. I talked to one of the Mgr’s (or whatever he is) that works there and he mentioned that it takes up to 5 weeks. FIVE WEEKS?! To process some flimsy piece of paper that I wrote on? I don’t see why it should have to be processed before I’m even given the interview. Regardless that annoyed me, and right now I’m not going to chance on picking them up as an extra job. I suppose what I have right now I can settle with, but I’m ready for a chance of scenery, though I’m 100% satisfied with Caribou Coffee at the moment.