I cut my hair really short.

Almost a year of not cutting my hair (aside from a couple months ago when I trimmed off part of my nasty mullet that gew) I finally got it cut again. Generally I tend to pick shitty haircuts that I’m dissatisfied with within the first month or so. So I really don’t know if this haircut is going to end up that way or not. I went with an A Line style cut, which is a first for me. That and having my hair so short. I’m still trying to get used to it.

a line hair one

In my last post I talked about a customer, Jerry, and how I helped him buy his first computer. Well, he gave me a call at the store today, and thanked me for being so nice to him, and for taking my time to help him get his laptop. Told me that he spent fifteen hours on it the night he got it. Mentioned that he’d be in next week to buy a bag for it. I’m so glad he called, because after I left work, I felt disapointed for not telling him to call the store once he played around with it.

This weekend is going to be a very busy weekend. Rem and I are going to install Linux on my computer. I’ve been dying to get this done for quite some time and finally ask him to help me do it, because well, I’ve got Friday and Saturday off. What better way to spend it!? We’re also going to put the finishing touches on HF. Just minor details like retweaking the layout, customizing whmcs so that the design is incorporated into the main style of hf, and to create a logo for the software. Other then that, life has been pretty good.

Time to go look at round trip plane tickets to Houston. SOMEONE changed my mind on driving down there, so I’ll be flying there instead. It’ll be my first flight too! A month away! YAY.


  1. You know…at all the times I’ve seen you at Scream Mb..I never seen your picture, but Jordan…you’re so gorgeous! I love the haircut.

  2. HEY.
    i’ve been wanted to cut my hair for some time already but my exboyfriend likes it long so i keep it long.

    i’m having problems customizing my wordpress and school isnt out just as yet but i promise you i’ll get my site up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    Meanwhile i just have to make do with a theme instead.

    your hostee..

  3. Are you eyes that brown? Wow, how pretty 😀

    Dudeeeee. not to be mean but if you gave HF a more professional look, not saying it sucks but it should be you know .. professional-er? Well, if you do, I’ll be happy to advertise your site for free ^_____^ I don’t think my site is probably. I saw my old site stats and saw 1000 a DAY. :/ And I get 250+ a day on .nu SO … yeah. xD

    u2u me or IM me or whatever XD

    I’m glad the guy called 😀 He seem cool. You should teach me how to fix my computer :/ I’m not a computer nerd I wish I was.

    Plane is cheaper than road trip. And I want one soo bad with guys if only I get that lucky.

    Nice hair cut 😀

  4. i think i need yr expertise when i want to get my own laptop 😀 but meh, that’ll be like…. 389474854 years from now 😛 im too poor haha!

    anypoo, i love the hair, short is nice 😀 hmmm i should trim my hair, it looks ugly now!

  5. I really like your new hair cut, it frames your face very nicely. Gorgeous!

    I hope you can get all of the Linux stuff up and running properly. It’s really not that hard so I’m sure you’ll do fine – good luck!

  6. If I wasn’t hosted for free I WOULD SO GO WITH YOUR HOSTING COMPANY! NO REALLY! Best of luck. I feel so poor that I can’t afford hosting. ARGH!

    Aww jim – addicted to the net already. GOOD FOR HIM!

    Linux, aww i wish I knew stuff about it.

  7. Hi,
    Great comments 🙂
    I’ve cut my own hair for 2 years and yep it looks great!
    Have you heard of Robocut Vacuum Clippers?
    I just dial in the length I want and then vacuum my head.
    No mess, no clippings, yes a foolproof haircut : )
    take care all,

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