iPods, PSPs, and PRPs oh my!

Day #2 of working in Wireless has been decent. Yesterday was a really bad day that I’m going to forget never happened. I ended up working 11:30-8:30 all while getting paid time and a half. Thank-you Memorial Day!

Never in my life have I sold so many iPods. I honestly think I sold about 20 ipods, and each of them either had the “PRP ((Product Replacement Plan – replacement of covered products, with no deductibles or other hidden charges. more))” attached to it along with a case (or other accessory) or a “PSP ((Performance Service Plan – ensures the long-lasting enjoyment of your purchase with comprehensive coverage more))”. That’s a feat in itself. I asked Alicia who has sold the most in a day, and she mentioned one of the front-end girls having sold $500 worth, but that was because it was on the XBOX 360 release day. So hopefully we have good numbers for tomorrow. Our budget was for $7,000 and my other co-worker didn’t think we’d be able to hit it. I hope I got it all in though.

Hopefully I will have more days like today, then I’ll actually look forward to work. Computers is still going to be my favorite department, and honestly I’m really still upset over being transferred out of it. I loved working with Rocker, and the other guys, and with Geek Squad. I’ve had the most fun there, and I’ve definitely gotten alot better with my customer service, and just overall attitude about the job. I fucking loved it there. So who knows, maybe the same can be with wireless, once I’m in there for a few months.

The perks aren’t too bad either. I can get a free phone and [regional] plan from Verizon, or a $20 plan from Sprint (that includes all the bells and whistles, 1000 mins) but buy the phone. I’m not sure what we can get from Cingular, but I’m sure there’s a deal as well.

Holdfire is doing great this month. Definitely am ending the month on good terms, and I hope that June looks even better. I really love that Rem has been helping me out with it alot lately, and I’m really grateful for it as well as loving it 😀


  1. Oddly enough, your job sounds like fun to me. hah. At my job, we have to convince people to sign up for the ‘free magazine’ scam. And make them buy our ridiculously expensive ‘backstage pass’ rewards cards. Lame.

    & I still can’t thank you enough for helping me out with the hosting for my site

  2. Oh, flying does seem so much easier what with how expensive gas is and all. Lucky for me – I’m not paying for any of it. mwahaha. My friend Ryan is funding the California trip (he was doing it first and said I could tag along if I helped drive). And my friend Kim is paying for Maryland since it’s a trip to see her boyfriend. Sweeet deal, I think. I’m just going to save up for food & stuff like that.

  3. Surprisingly Stephanie, unless you HAVE to fly (time restrictions or flying overseas), driving is actually generally cheaper. First, you’re looking at the actual flights there and back, even on the cheapies you’re looking at 150 to 200 bucks round trip, then most cases you’re paying for cab fare or a rental, and then there’s the hotel or hospice. So unless you’re spending it with family, you’d be spending less money if you just bucked it up and drove than if you were to fly.

    Oh, and as far as the non-Stephanie commentary goes (you know, the actual blog haha), I’d get the freebie plan. If you’re getting a break, get the whole thing. Though if you got the whole shebang you could brag about it to customers and maybe sell more phones…

  4. Being paid time and a half is usually something that keeps you from complaining about the job, lol. Hey, moolah is coming your way. Bad days at work will happen, I suppose we all already know that. I love computers as well, technology in general, but I don’t think it’s too much of my thing… although it is more than anything else haha. The perks you get at the job sound really nice…

  5. I’m glad holdfire is doing great! I hope the customers come flying in at you!

    As for ipods. I still wish my ipod shuffle worked. I got nothing to listen to now. 🙁

    PSST. Later on msn, can you help me with finding line codes and inserting a php include for the grins hack for it to work when posting . I got it to work with comments, and writing a new entry but when it comes to editing I think I screwed up. LOL!

  6. I really need to find a job. I wish there were more electronic-esque stores like Best Buy around here. All we’ve got is Staples, and the crappy little stores. -sigh- Best Buy = love, imo.

  7. 20 ipods! Wow. Amazing! Too bad I’m still underage to get a job! But yours sounds really really fun! =D
    At least you get wonderful perks! Haha! =D I wouldn’t mind them! =D

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