It’s been awhile

I definitely forgot about this website, but apparently not someone that I care alot about. Which is why I’m really glad I never closed down this website when I had wanted to a couple of months ago. Sometimes it really does count writing things down in public where people can read them, and understand how the other feels.

Aside from that vague little paragraph, things are definitely looking up from my last post. Work definitely got alot better since then. I started to get noticed alot more for my efforts, and I get praise all the time for it. Not only that but apparently the senior recently “stepped down” so I have a shot at his position, but I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready for it. I think I am, I just lack the confidence.

Also in the job prospect is Charter. I got a call back from them a week ago, but I haven’t been able to get back to him because I got sick on Thursday and I’ve been dead since then. Hopefully it won’t look too bad, I’m just going to mention to him that I got the flu so hopefully I can still have a chance with them. If not, I won’t be too perturbed. I was planning on going part time with them to see if I liked it or not. That and I wanted to stay full time with Best Buy.

I also move into my new apartment on Saturday. I’m most definitely looking forward to it because it’s been three months since I’ve had my own place. Since January I’ve been in Ashley’s hair, but in and out during February/March since I crashed at a friend’s house during those months. I really owe her alot, and I plan on giving her, scott and audrey something nice for their new house as well as money I owe them for some bills I promised to help out with during my stay there.

So right now almost everything is looking up with the exception of one more aspect. My love life. I’m not really sure on the stance of it right now, but I’m pretty sure that this past weekend will make or break it. I really hope it made it, because I’ll be extremely happy. I know in my heart that he is most definitely my soulmate, my true love… People make mistakes all the time, so why shouldn’t I forgive him and learn to move on from it? I guess I’m just scared of getting hurt again if things do go like I hope for them to go.

If things go as he and I had talked about, I really do think we’ll get together and make it happen this time. I’ve never felt like this about anyone, so I’m definitely not going to fuck it up, or let him fuck it up again.


  1. man, i know what it feels like to not be recognised for you efforts. i was at the hotel for 2.5 years, 6 months into that, the old food and beverage director came back from paternity leave. still to this day, he hates me, for god knows what reason, i was always pleasent to him, always did what i was asked etc. he would always praise other employees, even though they were always cutting corners and not doing things up to standards (which was something i liked about the hotel, they had very high standards and wanted to maintain them), and i would feel guilty if i didn’t do everything the way it was supposed to be done, the way it was trained to me.

    my last day there, i found a data entry job (better for my knee) i offered to work both if he would give me all day shifts (he had been doing so for the past 6 months anyways), he refused, and said “would you rather be out of debt when you’re done university, or have a sore knee?” so i quit.

    but it pisses me off that after being a good worker there for 2.5 years, i can’t even put his name as a reference, i instead have to give my immediate supervisor, not my manager, it’s retarded.

    sorry i went off on a tangent lol. but the moral of the story was: getting recognition at work is amazing!

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