I’ve been so busy lately…

Exactly what the title says. Every day I’ve had something to do, so I haven’t really had a chance to get online to work on my personal site, or even my company. Not only that but I don’t have my computer up here yet (I need to have it shipped from Houston) so I’ve been using my parent’s laptop–which is not that easy to do since I need to give them an arm and a leg to get online. But hopefully I can work with my cousin (who hates me at the moment) to have her ship it out tomorrow so I can get it by the weekend, and I’ll just go out and order or buy an LCD monitor to use right now.

Other then that I’ve hung out with my friends at the White Sox game, hung out with Brian and caught up on life, went shopping and to dinner with my grandparents, went into work for paperwork, and had to pay $233 to get the rear brakes on my car fixed along with tire rotation and an oil change. It doesn’t really fill up the entire week I’ve been here, but today is the first day that I don’t need to be anywhere until later on today–which is to pick up my little sister from high school (today is her first day back), and hopefully hanging out with my best friend Amy. Who knows about that though since she’s been hard to get ahold of and hasn’t really been returning my calls over the past few days.

In the work force I’m now going to be working at Caribou Coffee full-time. It’ll be at the Tinley Park AND Frankfurt store so I can get in as many hours as I possibly can. The one thing I really need to do is work on the pay, because she’s trying to hire me about a $1 less then what I was making at Best Buy–and that pay wasn’t even that great either! I also need to call the Tinley Park Best Buy to see about working in their PCHO or Wireless department, since I sent in my application last night. I also want to go to Tiger Direct to fill out an application to work there as well.

I’ve definitely been having a lot of fun since I’ve moved and am definitely glad that I made the decision to come home.

Oh, and I saw Snakes on a Plane around midnight on Friday morning. Needless to say I was the only girl in the theatre. It was a decent movie, but I definitely wouldn’t pay to see it again. It was just kind of expected as far as the whole… snakes on a… plane… theme, you know? Either way though, I think everyone (being the guys there) just wanted to go there to hear “Get these motherfucking snakes off my motherfucking plane.”


  1. Personally, I think the whole Snakes on a Plane craze is overdone, annoying and the movie itself a waste of money. But thats IMHO, lol.

  2. Personally the whole snakes on a plane movie craze makes me sick. They spent so much money on a stupid movie. Ugh. It is a movie I will NEVER see. I hate Samuel L Jackson (I laughed at his demise in Episode 3).

  3. White Sox and a Coffe House. Can those be the two most bestest (lol) things that could ever go together. I lve the Whit Sox, and I am glad you got to go see one of their games. And I love Coffe. Good luck with your job!@

  4. Hehe, for your spam protection, it’ll be sad if I did not add up 7 and 8 correcly 😀 Anyways, I know what you mean about having a busy life. I was busy all summer until a week ago. I just finished with my internship and now I have nothing to do, but school starts soon. Good luck with your job at Caribeau and hope you get one at Tiger Direct!

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    Yeah, whenever I post at other sites that use similar validation for comments, I also see the addition and think “shit!” but then I end up not even realizing that i can just look at the numbers and see the answer (usually.)

    Thanks 🙂

  6. *cough* Damn, apparently I couldn’t do kiddy maths and lost the comment. I blame the keyboard =__= Anyway, I was trying to say that I’ve been hearing a lot about this whole Snakes on a Plane thing. It seems like everybody is going / has gone to see it. But… snakes… on a plane? 😛

  7. Man. I don’t think I can get through that movie! LOL.

    Hope you get some break soon! And it’s cool that you’re having more fun! 😀

  8. I saw the previews for Snakes on a Plane,but I don’t know, it’s not my kind of a movie I guess. The whole “snakes” on a “plane” would give me a fear of flying even though its very unlikely for snakes to somehow get on a plane. Now I’m rambling…
    Well good luck on getting your computer shipped to you!

    -Lilly (fataltemptation from despair.nu)

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