Merry Christmas

I was expecting Christmas Day to be a bit of a hassle, since things have been tense around the family (mainly due to an incident that happened with my fifteen year old sister) but things actually went smooth. I went to sleep late on on Sunday morning, around 4am to be exact. And then 4 and a half hours later I got woken up by my littlest sister, Nicolle, to come upstairs to open presents. I didn’t really roll out of bed until 9am, to which most gifts had already been opened. Watched Nicolle and Morgan open up their combined gift, which was a Nintendo Wii. It wasn’t the actual console, but just two extra controllers, wiimote skins, and two games. Mom didn’t get the console in time, and I was working when the Gamestop next to my Caribou Coffee had gotten them in. So eventually we’ll end up getting the console in the house, and I know I’ll end up plastering myself in front of the tv for long periods of time.

I told my parents that I didn’t really need anything for Christmas, just new Alpine Type R 6.5″ speakers for my front doors, and new headlights/foglights for my car, since they’re greatly needed. I ended up getting a 2007 Pug calendar (joke from dad, since lately I’ve been asking to get a pug puppy), $175 Visa Gift Card, 2 Claire’s giftcards (not sure why I got this, as I’ve never shopped at Claire’s, but maybe I’ll buy some random non-crappy jewelry), and a regifted present, which was more of a joke leading up to the real present. Dad wrapped up to Sony surround sound speakers, and underneath it was a Circuity City ad for their carfi section. I laughed that dad regifted the speakers, and then used a Circuit City ad. Either way I’m still getting some new 6.5″ which I’m excited for. For my parents I got my mom Season 1 of Lost, a facemask kit, and a Caribou Coffee french press on-the-go-mug; Dad got a BBQ grill lamp, Garlic Peppercorns, and regular peppercorns, along with some new wooden spoons, and a large omelette/pancake flipper.

From my grandparents I got the 20Q Music (Rock and Pop), $100, a stuffed animal purse that’s holding a fleece blanket, two silver necklaces, two pairs of sterling silver hoop earrings, and of as usual, Grandma gave me all of her hardcover and softcover books that she’s read, so I can read them. From my Uncle Joe I ended up getting $20. I’m not really sure what my cash is going to go towards. I kind of want to pay a few things off with it, but I’m leaning more towards getting some PC components so that way I can start to build a new computer. Though I decided to spend $56 on Newegg for a 512mb stick of memory, to just hold me over until I get my new motherboard, processor, and other tidbits. My present to them was a $50 Chilis giftcard, since they love to go out to dinner all the time.

Since I didn’t get to see Mark last night, I’m going to take him out to dinner tonight. I’m thinking TGI Fridays but I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll try out Chilis or just go to a Mexican Restaurant instead. Either way, I’m going to ensure that much cuddling and snuggling happens after we get back to his place.

Also, Holdfire Network’s design is coming along fantasticly. I’m trying to work out some IE bugs right now, with my navigation, so hopefully I can get that fixed and then finish the new content so I can have it up by the New Year.


  1. Well see your parents still spoil you even when you ask them not to really. Your situation is similar to mine but I think I went to bed at about 5 am on Sunday and I was forced to wake up and join my sister on a car ride to my Dad’s at 9am. Sucked.

    I hope you two have a lovely dinner. I’m hungry now.

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