Never buy a Ford.

My car is in the shop again, for the third time this year. It’s getting old, and it’s putting a damper on my finances. A week ago the trans would slip out of drive ever-so-slightly when I would first use the car, and then it would be fine for the rest of the day. Friday night after I got out of work I ended up not being able to shift gears when I was stopped at an intersection waiting to turn left.

I’m really hoping that this is not going to cost a pretty penny, because it’s going to put a damper on my Holiday spending, as well as other things I have to take care of (which looks like they’ll be put on hold until I can get more cash flow in.)

Last night I ended up going out with Mark to dinner and a movie. Went to Ed’N’Joes for pizza, since I’ve been craving it, and I wanted to treat him to their amazing BBQ Chicken. After that we went to go see Borat in Orland Park, but the place was so packed we couldn’t find parking in their lot or their garage, so we left to Crestwood. We had an hour to spare so he drove us up to this place to get some shakes, goofed off on the ride there and back, and then went to the movie. It was packed. Ended up waiting in a line to get into the movie, though we found some pretty decent seats.

After that we just drove around for awhile, and well, it wasn’t anything huge, but I enjoyed myself a lot. Definitely love hanging out with him, and want to see him more, so hopefully I will tonight after I get out of work. But right now I’ve got a messy room to clean, or well, just clothes to fold and put away, since they’ve been laying on top of a chair/floor/door for awhile 😛


  1. Well, I’m sorry that your car is in the shop yet again. My dad’s friend got a Lincoln a couple years ago – he got a lemon! It was more in the shop than in his garage! Do you dirve a manual? Glad you had fun @ the movies… I’m due to watch one… Maybe Saw III… who knows.

  2. Yikes, how old is your car exactly?
    My dad’s car has been giving him a lot of trouble lately as well.
    sucks doesnt it.

    i so wanna watch saw III i heard its pretty damn good.

  3. My husband bought a used car last year – with the expenses we have had since then we could have bought a better used one or a cheap brand new one. Annoying!

    I am glad to hear you had a good time with Mark – was it a good movie?

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    It’s an automatic transmission, though I do wish it was a manual. I’m sure it would have been in better condition then the auto, as I tend to drive a car like it’s a stick shift.

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    The car is a 1999. Obviously it’s not that old, and there’s been a few replacements in parts already, but for the most part it’s a decent car. Aside from the fact I just hit 100,000+ on the car, even though I bought it was 55,000. 😐 :X

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    Borat was definitely a good movie. Though if you’re easily offended, I wouldn’t recommend it. There were alot of Jewish jokes, and various other cultural jokes, etc. Though it was a pretty funny movie. I’d see it again in theaters.

  5. I currently drive a Ford Escape and before that I drove a Mazda Tribute which I handed over to my dad. He drove a Ford Aerostar (1992) until early this year. None of these cars gave any problems. Of course they all got the prescribed maintenance with the exception of the Aerostar which was just too old to fuss over. It only started giving minor problems the last few months before it was completely overhauled and sold.

    I know plenty of people with Fords of all years and models that don’t have problems with their cars. A car is only as good as it is treated so maybe the problem is not the car.

  6. That’s fantastic for you, however this car is in fact a problem, and it’s not me. The car is kept in top shape, aside from the interior which could use a good sanitizing. I beg to differ about Ford though, as I’ve known a lot of people who have had various models from the company, and have had issues with them.

    Definitely not buying a car from Ford. Their trucks are fantastic, but their cars… Not so great.

  7. I never said I was a Ford fan. I simply said that all of the Ford owners I know (well over 30 people who are first time buyers and second hand owners) don’t have these kinds of problems. Every car maker puts out flawed vehicles and bad models. I turned in an ’06 Camry because it rolled off the dealer’s lot with tremendous problems.

    Ford may not have the best reputation but Americans are also not known to be the most literate of people on average. Perhaps if people actually read their car manual, performed the prescribed maintenance, and didn’t drive their cars into the ground, they wouldn’t have so much to complain about.

    It just pains me when Consumers automatically blame the product and cannot see how they could POSSIBLY have done anything wrong.

  8. Whether or not the people you know have problems, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I can throw out a statistic to prove that Fords have issues where it’s not at fault of the owner of the vehicle.

    I can speak from personal experience that just because you give a vehicle it’s prescribed maintenance, does not mean it still won’t be driven into the ground or have problems arise. Though the current problems I am dealing with now, as I found out today, are unrelated to Ford, as it’s the mechanic who is at fault for not fully repairing and rebuilding the transmission when it first went out a few months back.

    Regardless, I’ve read enough on my own after buying this car a few years ago, to never buy another Ford car.

  9. I never said that they didn’t exist and of course every statistic you throw out there is going to be accurate, right? Whatever makes you feel better.

    Of course blame the car first even though the problem was with the mechanic which you stated after the fact. Convenient.

    Every time you buy a product there’s a chance that it’ll be a dud. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a house or a wireless mouse. I think it’s just become so convenient for consumers to haul off and blame certain companies even though the fault doesn’t lie with the company as you have illustrated here. If a virus hits a Windows server it’s naturally Microsoft’s fault and has nothing to do with the server admin (please don’t assume I’m a Microsoft advocate by making that statement). Someone’s identity gets swiped online and naturally it’s everyone’s fault (the bank, the isp, etc) but that of the person who followed the link in the phishing email. I’m not saying that you’re wrong about Ford having statistically more flawed vehicles in the car/sedan/wagon class than comparably sized vehicles from other makers. I’m just saying that the way you’ve gone about explaining your experience subscribes to the same mentality I illustrated above. It’s scapegoating and it’s a lazy way to think.

  10. You don’t know the exact problems I’ve dealt with this car since owning it, so you really can’t say that my saying that THIS particular incident (the transmission) is me scapegoating and a “lazy” way to think.

    If you want me to list prior issues I’ve had that’s specifically related to Ford’s design and parts, then please, wait around here awhile and I’ll list them all of you. God forbid one thing I mention is turned against me. It’s not the entire story, only a portion, and yes this particular portion RIGHT NOW has nothing to do with Ford.

    This isn’t an article that has facts to back up what’s written. It’s merely a personal entry that’s venting out frustrations and issues I’ve had with this car, that happens to be a Ford model. Hell, the only thing I even said was “Never buy a Ford.” I didn’t even try to use a “lazy” excuse as to why someone shouldn’t. It’s merely just a personal experience I had with this company that’s lead me to say that. I’m not saying people need to take heed and not buy a Ford, because I’ll be the first to tell them to never listen to my advice about cars, since I don’t have the knowledge or expertise on that particular subject.

    I don’t need you to you compare situations for me. I work in retail, I know the deal with products and consumers. I’ve had co-workers say “Dell sucks” but don’t realize that Dell as a company, isn’t really at fault, though they are at fault for considering such, eg: Maxtor drives which are known for being faulty and not dependable.

    So, while I appreciate the comment on this entry, I don’t really need a lecture or comparison on this issue. Thanks.

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