Rain rain go away

It’s been raining almost all day today, and I really don’t want it to stop. Driving was a bit of a pain because my wipers need to be replaced AND smoking was hard since I kept getting wait, so I finally gave up on it. Went into Caribou Coffee today to fill out paperwork and get my schedule set up. I start tomorrow and work all this week from 3-10pm. I’ll be switching between two stores, so I’ll have at least 40 hours a week, which is awesome.

Later on today I’ll be heading on over to Amy’s house to help her fix her desktop. Zach reformatted it but apparently forgot to reinstall some of the network drivers, so right now I’m burning a bunch of the drivers to a cd-r, since my flash drive isn’t large enough (only 128mb). She’ll also be letting me take her iBook since she doesn’t use it. I’m not keeping it, but she’s going to let me take it to fix it up (speed it up rather, I’m sure it just needs a memory upgrade) and I’ll also use that to get online and work on Holdfire Network which so desperately needs to be launched asap.

I’ve also been on a movie downloading frenzy. The other night I got Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Descent, V for Vendetta, and Inside Man. I’ve only got HP and VfV burned, so sometime today I’ll get the rest done. Mom also got into the crazy and bought a cheesy label maker from Memorex. Too bad this laptop didn’t have lightscribe, because I’d use that feature instead, but I’m not complaining.

and whew, I was at Caribou for not even an hour and a half and I REEK of coffee. Time to raid my little sister’s room for her Hollister Autumn perfume which I’m hopelessly addicted to :]


  1. I love how you make people do the math befor they must comment… what if your’e bad at math? And what is a sum?

    Naw, I am just joking!

    I love the rain. I hope it rained everyday, but not flood, because I think the rain is so wonderful! Good luck driving in all that rain. Be careful!

  2. its so hard to smoke and drive in the first place but to do it while its raining… even harder.

    i wanna see V but people keep telling me how bad it is and it kinda steered me away. i will get to it someday!!

  3. I’d appreciate it, if you would not try and solicate your hosting on my site. As much as I appreciate the recommendation, I didn’t ask for it, nor do I appreciate your entire comment in its attempt to sale your plans.

  4. [Comment ID #850 Will Be Quoted Here]

    God forbid someone try to help you find a valid host, as opposed to purchasing some random reseller account off of ebay… Not only that but I offered some advice in reference to that, before I even mentioned my hosting company.

    It would definitely be appreciate if you didn’t come to my site to tell me what I need to do or what I don’t need to do. An e-mail would’ve sufficed, but hey, I’m not the one dealing with downtime and hosting related issues. *shrugs*

    Hmm, now I wonder if you also sent Gregory a rude comment about his comment recommending Mixxture (blech!) hosting to you… Probably not, eh?

  5. Yeah, it’s not fun doing anything while it’s raining outside. Do you mind if I ask where are you downloading movies from? I’ve been bored out of my mind lately and movies sound good right now. Thanks. =)

  6. Hey! I hope you remember me, it’s your old host (boom.atourworst.org)

    I was cleaning thru my contact list and noticed yours, the email sounded oddly familiar and decided to type it out. Anyhoo just wanted to say hi! I’m impressed with your website.

    PS- i love the smell off coffee, i wouldn’t mind the smell! mm

  7. I’m so jealous! I’d love to see the Descent and V for Vendetta. Good luck with fixing your friends computer, everything looks like greek to me.

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