Site updates

I’m currently doing some live-editing for so you may see some fatal ;P PHP errors here and there from activating new plug ins, and tweaking around some coding.

For the past few days I’ve really been trying to work on making this site more accessible and cleaning up pages to make things more ‘neat.’ I’ve added a new contact form, sitemap, as well as some new plug ins: Friends RSS Aggregator, Movie Ratings (though I’m having compatibility issues, so it’s currently deactivated until I get some support from the author), and an Events Calender (that reads from Google Calendar) but it was configured for PHP 5, so I’ll have to look into seeing if I can change it for PHP 4.x.

One thing’s for sure is that I’m really in the mood to start creating stylesheets for livejournal again. Might spend my day tomorrow working on a few to put up for download. This site needs some more content!

Edit: This disaster is a result of being up until 4:15am. I’ll fix this later on, for now, deal with horrendous CSS and random PHP errors. Can’t. Stay. Awake.


  1. hello Jordan..
    good luck revamping your site, it looks ok for me so far though, PHP 5? damn… i dont even feel to srat learning it 😛

    once again thanks for hosting me, you rock 🙂

  2. Hello my name is Lena and i am suppose to comment on your site so i am commenting. Nice blog site you have here. Plain and simple.

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