there’s a lot i want to write about…

–but I know that the people I work with are smart with google, so who knows if they’ve already googled my name. I know I would do the same with theirs just out of curiosity and because I’m a nerd.

Either way, I’ve got a crush on someone, but I’m not sure where it’s going to go–if it’s even headed anywhere for that matter. I’ve been working about 65+ hours a week between Best Buy and Caribou. Amy and I are house hunting since Zach, Jimmie, Ashley, and of course Amy and I are going to move into a place together.

Well, time to head out. I have clothes to wash and sleep to catch up on.


  1. Well in any case good luck with the possible thing with the crush. It sux when you might have to censor yourself because someone else might know about your site when you wouldn’t want them to.

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