Fauna theme screwed up my RSS feeds.

So I’m finally getting around to fixing some issues I’ve had with WordPress here on atourworst.org. For some reason after I upgraded to 2.1, Fauna RC 1 decided to fuck up my feeds and various other elements of wordpress. So right now I’ve switched to an old them I’ve used before just so I can get my feeds fixed, because I know SOME people view it (and they’ve been dropping like flies probably thinking that I haven’t been updating lately, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.)

I’m currently working on my new side project that’s related to Virb, as well as working on a design for a client. I should have that done in a few more minutes, or sometime tomorrow.


  1. @ Jenny, It took me a couple re-reads of your comment to actually understand what you meant by it! Now I see what you’re saying!

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