Finally something different!

Since my Fall semester ended last week, I’ve been able to put some extra time into creating a new layout for It’s about time too because I was becoming really sick of the previous design I had created (which also broke in IE6, and unfortunately I was too lazy to fix it up.) It’s still a work in progress, but for the most part it’s done. As far as I know most of the coding validates (namely XHTML portion) but I still have to run through the CSS that’s being used for other plugins here.

Speaking of school, I’m making the decision to change my major. I just can’t deal with the webdesign portion of it anymore. I’m not challenged, and I’m not learning anything I don’t already know. So I’m going to change it to computer programming. I’m sure I’ll end up bouncing back and forth between the two but the plus side of it is that most of the classes necessary are for either of the degrees–so it’s not like I’ll have random classes that won’t work for the other.

Other then that I haven’t been up to much lately! Just trying to keep myself busy with little projects here and there. Of course video games take up a decent portion of my “I’m bored” time too 😉


  1. To someone who knows barely anything about either, ‘Computer Programming’ sounds much more challenging and complex!

    Love the new layout, the font is awesome. Where’d you get it from? Or did you make it? Either way, good job!

  2. I love the structure of this layout, although I kind of wish it wasn’t purple. Just a personal preferance, though. Great job! Good luck with the switching of majors, I hope computer programming works out better for you 🙂

  3. Purple is the last color I would have imagined too. It’s probably the one color I’ve never used for anything before.

    I just got tired of my usual spectrum of blues and greens. D:

  4. Nice layout, I love the purple 😀

    Hope you’re able to change your major, computer programming sounds really interesting. I’ve always wanted to do that at uni, not sure if I will yet though 😛

  5. Ooo, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a nice purple layout! It looks good 🙂

    I hope programming ends up better than webdesign!

  6. Looking good….I love the header. One thing though, I’d tone down the purple background a bit, cause right now it’s almost screaming at me. Have you considered having a paper tile/background thing instead? Cause then it’d match the header. Just a thought.

    If your major right now isn’t satisfying, there’s no room for questioning. Go on with the move!

  7. Ooo – I really like the header, especially the font. It’s very unusual. Wherever did you find it? I’m not a big fan of the purple, but if you like it, that’s all that really matters. 🙂

    I don’t blame you for wanting to change your major if it’s no longer what you’re interested in. Webdesign has become such a popular field, and isn’t as … unique as it once was, if that’s the right way to describe it. I wish you oodles of luck in your new endeavor!
    x despair

  8. I had actually created a duotone version of the header that had a purple hue, but after trying it in the background I just didn’t like how it came out. Might try it again though!

    For the background color, I’ll try to lighten it up; It’s hard going with color schemes since every monitor will show it differently. On mine it’s more of a deep, and dark purple rather than something that’s bright.

    Thanks Regina :o)

  9. I like the purple on this site, it’s really interesting. The header is really cute too! Good luck with changing your major. I think everyone gets a little restless with information they already know and having to go over it again and again – that would annoy me I know.

  10. The layout looks pretty basic, neat, and clean. I don’t like sites with too much clutter or ridiculousness, so that’s a good thing =)

    Good luck with your major changing, and good idea for swapping back and forth with two majors that don’t really affect each other’s curriculum!

  11. I like the layout structure, the blocky navigation, the highlights with the grey lines and the grey in this box.. but I think something more should be going on in the background, or it shoulder be a much darker purple. Dunno, that’s just my initial thoughts.. maybe it’d look poop with a background :S

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