Firemint – Fresh breath for your Firefox Browser

The other day I was on Mint Pages looking at a member’s WIP and happened to see an “Firemint” which described it to be a firefox plugin.

So I googled for it and found the link for Firemint. It’s current features include:

  • Show your Stats in the status-bar of your browser
  • Updates every 5 minutes (or up to ever 60 minutes)
  • Quick link to your Mint
  • Right-click on main stats to view other information

I installed it the other day, but honestly, I have yet to get it working with my Mint 2 installation. I have a feeling it has to do with the password; I’m having some problems with Mint right now, so I’m probably going to just backup the database, and then wipe out the directory to put up a clean install. Though I hope I don’t end up boogering something up, but if I end up starting fresh, oh well!


  1. Hey,

    Did you manage to get FireMint installed and work successfully with Mint? I’ve fixed a few things in the new version, so you might want to check out that if you still have no luck.

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