Fliptrack: Put your life… or cats, to music.

I have a few friends online that are absolutely obsessed with cat meme’s and macros to the point where a lot of their internet time revolves around looking for new pics. I admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for the cat marcos too, but one of them wanted me to make a video of just cat marcos with a ridiculous song playing as the background music. I told them to go ahead and go to YTMND to do it, but they’re lazy.

I had no idea where to look to get my grubby hands on something to edit/create videos or a slideshow since I don’t have anything on my computer right now to do that. So somehow during my googling I came across fliptrack.com, which according to the site it’s a tool (program really, Windows only though!) that will allow me to match images with the rhythm and lyrics of a song. Though according to the FAQ I cannot use my own music for it, due to legalities and whatnot.. But it’s understandable, as I wouldn’t want to get hit with some MPAA or RIAA bs.

I have a bunch of Caturday pictures to put up in a video, so I went ahead and downloading Fliptrack‘s [Windows] software to create the video. Things look pretty easy at first because the interface was pretty self explanatory, but I ended up coming across a bit of a road block. I was trying to add their licensed song for the Ying Yang Twins to use, but I keep getting errors when downloading the song to the program to use. So I’ve yet to make the video for it. I’m tried to submit the error report via their program, but that failed as well so I’m going to find their contact information to find out what’s the problem.

Fliptrack’s demo will show you exactly what the site is capable of. I’m not big on creating my own videos, but honestly as cheesy as this sounds I’m sure my mom won’t mind using this. She used to make VHS slide shows manually. She would play a tape (yes, tape) on the radio, and the slide show maker was basically this video camera that recorded sound and the photos you put into the slots. It was ridiculous and yet looking back at it now, it’s amazing how much technology has changed things from my childhood.

Oh, and expect the Caturday video I’m making soon as this works; It won’t be that amazing, but full of some of my favorites!


  1. what exactly are caturday pictures? i’m going to assume they have something to do with cats…
    i’m interested in this fliptrack. i have a series of photos that i took of my son that were taken literally seconds apart. when i play them in slideshow it looks like a flipbook. it’s kinda neat. i’d like to add music to it to make it almost like a little movie….

  2. Yeah, caturday pictures are basically those cat photos that you might’ve seen around; There’s a Virb group that I’m apart of that’s called Caturday and it’s kind of stuck to me.

    But basically what it allows you to do is use their music (which I see it as the only downfall, considering it’s quite sparse at the moment) and then you add the photos you want to it. You can add other little effects to it as well, and basically what you get is a .flv (actually, don’t quote me on that, but I think that’s what file type it is) and then you can share it throughout the internet and whatnot.

    Since the program hasn’t worked for me yet (the music error I get) I haven’t had a chance to play with it but it looked pretty easy and self explanatory.. and free. 😛

  3. Hi Jordan,
    Sorry to hear you’ve had some problems with downloads. We’re in the process of making some big improvements to Fliptrack over the coming weeks (including adding a ton of great new music) and in the process of improving things, we may have caused a small glitch for the Beta users. I just successfully downloaded the song you were having problems with, so hopefully any technical issues have been resolved.
    And stay tuned for some exciting announcements from us in the next couple of weeks.

    I also love cat macros, and made this video with them!

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