I love the internet.

Edit 3/22/07 @ 7:49pm – Thanks to Malin for being a sweetheart and letting me know that my comments weren’t working. I activated No WWW and left to go out with a friend and forgot to change around some of the settings, which caused the problem. Woopsie Doodle!

Paola (thislife.nu) wrote an entry, “Gramatically Speaking,” that literally had be LOL’ing and wondering why people resort to using swear words and threats to get their point (as if she had one to make).

She had been talking about ladired.com’s website and essentially how much of an eyefuck (my word not hers) that her grammar knowledge was. Whenever I’ve seen someone read about how poor their website is, they usually make up an excuse to change things around and fix ’em up. Then they try to proclaim that their reasoning had nothing to do with someone else’s comments in regards to their ridiculous site.

But seriously, if you have to resort to calling people bitches, and threatening to report them (lol internet po’leese!), you’re not really helping your cause. You’re furthering people’s opinion on just how ridiculous and most likely unintelligent you are.

Best comment EVARRRRR:

I never knew making any kind of mistakes will get someone stoned. Is this school? I mean damn, Where on the net does it say that everyone has to type properly? Grow the fuck up little girl. Stay off my site, and tell your pussy licking friends to back off my shit to, because this is the last time I’ll ever entertain you bitches. You can go ahead and continue ranting, raving, and bitching about poor ol Lena all you want, but come to my site with any bullshit and bitch I’ll report your fucking ass.

And Jenni, I know all about the adoption and how it works. We’ve already been through that. But what does that have to do with what I do online? Like I said on that shitty ass DMB if anyone has anything to say to ME personally take it up with ME [took her e-mail out but it’s still up at Paola’s site]. Stop being a bunch of scary ass tack heads and come to ME. If not shut the fuck up about me, period.

Dumb ass bitches.

But the best about ‘Ladired’ is that in her post “Inspirational,” she writes about how beautiful this song “Yesturday” is but still fails to spell it right even when she copy/pastes the lyrics to it, with the title included! Double yew tee eff!



  1. I hate when people can’t type. I try to make sure that I always read over what I write on my site because I KNOW I will make a spelling mistake somewhere!

  2. It’s annoying with people who can’t type. I guess I’m one of those since English is my second language (my Swedish is free from typos! :P) and neither my grammar or spelling is correct. But I try as hard as I can since Im a little of an perfectionist 😉

    Anyway, I got my laugh for the day reading that comment 😛

  3. Lena, I have no problem exposing people who are well, for lack of better words, really fucking stupid.

    By the way, thanks for some of the traffic too 🙂

  4. Lol, internet drama = amusing. I hate when people butcher the English language, who cares if it’s “only the internet” learn to spell. I love how she claims she won’t talk about you, but yet she comments on your blog and then blogs about it ~ but no she won’t talk about it!

  5. LOL! XD Wow…yeah internet drama, hoo boy. Just read a couple of posts on that site…it’s like a Jerry Springer show on crack….just wow. XD

  6. Have you read her exotica (someone really needs to tell her that it’s erotica, not exotica)? It’s a gas. Also, I don’t understand why Lena commented here when she said:

    So as far as online goes, i am here to do the following: Work on my sites, blog, visit the mature urban forums, update my stories FOR MY READERS, and to chat with my real friends. Other than that to hell with the rest of the online population.

    Riiiight *thumbs up*

    Her site was better when she made her own layouts, these days I can almost look at it without laughing. All in all, Lena makes Amanda (formerly of loveamanda.net) look like a frickin’ genius 😐

  7. Becky, it’s because she’s a hypocritical dumbass. I still get hits from her shitty sitemeter tracker, coming to my site despite the fact that she is oh-so-hellbent on not dealing with interent drama. Gotta love that she still visits this post to see who has commented about her lately.

    I honestly have no idea why she’s so stupid. I suppose it’s because she probably never finished high school. That happens in the US, you know. It’s a shame to realize how fucking stupid some people can be, especially at her age.

  8. I just finished reading her last blog, left her a comment to. How can anyone be that stupid? It can’t be a lack of education, my father unfortunately was unable to finish High School (he dropped out when he was 16/17 for personal reasons) and didn’t go back until he was 30. Is it genetic? A product of upbringing? Good lord, I can’t believe this person.

    I don’t visit her site _that often_ (usually only when I’m trolling for new links to put on Internet Police) and yet I’m disgusted with her every time I visit.

  9. I honestly have no idea how people can be that stupid with or without education. I remember being in high school, and as a senior you expect other students to know how to read considering we’ve been doing it for over twelve years now. Well, it still boggles my mind when a five year old can surpass an 18 year old’s reading skills.

    Though I know a big portion was due to the fact that my school was quite ghetto and the majority of the race was more worried about basketball and fashion then actually learning. The minority seemed to be the one bringing up the school’s grades overall.

    It’s just boggling that people think they’re somewhat “smart” enough to post what she does (eg: exotica, etc) Is she in denial that she really is that fucking dumb, or is she so used to herself and everyone else around her speaking/saying the same things that she thinks she’s an average American?

    But knowing her age, and how fucking dumb she is, makes me that much happier and makes me feeling smug–worth it.

  10. omg..*dies*

    “She has three kids by three men and one of the men is retarded i mean like duh retarded, Forest Gump retarded.”

    Calling the kettle black! But if she thinks he’s retarded… You have to go imagine just how “retarded” he must be, considering she ain’t so hot either.

  11. I remember when she was going around saying that she had a publishing deal lined up and that she was going to become a published author. She refused to state the publisher or what was being published (or any of the other questions I asked her).

    [quote comment=”8371″]But knowing her age, and how fucking dumb she is, makes me that much happier and makes me feeling smug–worth it.[/quote]

    iawtc 😀

  12. Thanks for the hits again. You’re giving me exactly what I want.

    Watch your nasty mouth, Lena. You can run around with a loose vagina, but don’t flap it around on my site. – Jordan

  13. Lena, I edited your comment for the soul fact that you really need to broaden your vocabulary past the “ghetto Jerry Springer” edition.

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