I think my boyfriend is the greatest.

You know what really kills me and just kind of makes my heart melt…? When Mark has this shit eating grin on his face, and I just know it’s because he tore ass. I know that sounds perversely strange, but it seriously is kind of really cute.. but.. really stinky. I don’t know, maybe I’m just strange. Regardless, it’s been almost two full months of being a girlfriend. I really like being his.

This week has been a fantastic week. My interview with the ASM for Barnes and Noble was perfect. It lasted about 45 minutes, and it was definitely one of the better interviews I’ve had. I have a very bubbly personality, and I tend to talk a lot, so that went well with him. I always have this tendency to be able to get someone to laugh, smile, and get more personal an interview then you’d expect.

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll find out if the Cafe Manager spot is mine, but I have his card to call him. I believe it’ll be salaried pay, which is a first for me. I’m used to hourly wages. I would really like for the pay to be at least $24,000-26,000 a year. The position does harbor a lot of responsibilities (essentially I would be the “store manager” for the Starbucks if it were stand alone. I’d handle schedules, interviewing possible employees to work under me, cash management, inventory, waste management, etc etc.) which is why I think I should be getting paid more then $11.50/hour. The work week is 40 hours, and benefits start after 60 days. I didn’t ask about the discount, but I assume there would be, since I’ll be considered a Barnes and Noble employee and not a Starbucks employee. Since the store I was originally applied for is opening in May, but since that spot is filled, I would not start work until late March/Early April.

The interview for Cingular went even better then my interview with B&N. It lasted about 50 minutes, and the manager and I really hit it off well. It was another down-to-earth interview, and again I was able to get on a personal level with her to kind of show her who I am, and how my personality is like with other people. She said pending experience (which I have from Best Buy–thank god) the lowest pay I would start off with would be $11/hour, including commission. There is no cap for commission so however much I would bring in, is how much would attach to my paycheck. All that obviously pending taxes, but she said on average her full time employees bring home over $1,000 (after taxes) a week. My position would just be an associate, and full time with benefits after 90 days. It was my first of two interviews, but about 2 hours after the interview, she called me back to let me know that the district manager would be at another store next week, and that whenever he got back to her about the location and time, she’d let me know. So not even thirty minutes later and she called me back to let me know that on Thursday I will go in at 3pm to talk to him for a few minutes. Looks like I managed to snag this job.

But I do have a decision to make. If Barnes and Noble will not pay me more then $12/hour, there is no way I will take the offer. The drive is an hour long (with light traffic), 30 miles one way. Each week I’d end up driving about 400 miles. I get 200 miles to the tank, and with gas prices right now, I’m looking at spending about $60 a week for gas just to get to work. The Cingular job might only be $11/hour, but the drive is a mile long, a mere five minutes. If I don’t drive anywhere else, except from home-to-work, a tank of gas could possibly last about 4 weeks (or 30 days.) So I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me.

Either way these jobs have a lot of potential and nice pay.


  1. I cringe whenever I see Dan with that shit eating grin, because I just know something bad is coming my way.
    And it is wonderful to be “his”, isn’t it? Congratulations on nearing the two month mark!

    In regards to the jobs: salary pay is nice, especially for the rare time where you can’t make it into work, or are running late, etc. Even though you missed the hours, you still get paid for them. But salary can be kind of bad, because if you go over your salaried hours, oops, oh well, most companies won’t pay you whatever your hourly base rate would be, but about half of that, which is what they consider the salaried version of overtime.
    Plus, and I know this from watching Dan struggle up the totem pole form lowly shift manager to assistant manager to manager – there’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of crap. And you get a lot of crap dumped on you from upper management.
    Honestly, I think you should definitely go with Cingular. The opportunity to earn commission is nice, and not having to drive so far and for so long is a definite plus.

  2. Yeah, I realize that any “overtime” wouldn’t be considered. I know that because my mom works 60 hours a week, but only ever gets paid for her 40. I always tell her to just chill out and stay home; She’ll work a double one day, if she’s taking off on a Friday.. Though more of her work is in regards to a quota and if they hit in, bonus.

    I don’t think I’d mind too much from this position though, since I won’t really deal with the rest of the store. I’ll only worry about the cafe (starbucks) and nothing more or less. The only people who would, are the pt or ft employees who want to pick up extra works working in the store itself.

    But overall I might end up sticking with Cingular. I’d rather not have a 2 hour commute every day, five days a week. The wear and tear on my car would kill it, especially since I’m at 101,000 miles right now, and I just had to replace my trans and alternator in November (which left me without a car for almost a month.)

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