It’s time to cram!

Being a bit of a procrastinator I put off 4 major assignments for class that are due today at 11:55pm. Chapter 1-4 assignments have about 50 questions per chapter. I managed to finish Chapter 1-16 of the matching, but have yet to even touch my Qbasic, Word/Excel/Access and quizzes.

So instead of working on a pretty new layout for, I’m now trying to finish up these assignments for my class.

On that note I’ve had a pretty good week. Worked Friday night, then after that went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End at Hollywood Boulevard with Mark and his friend Tracy. Saturday I had to open but got off at 1pm, so I went on over to Mark’s later that afternoon for a few hours and relaxed and watch some tv. Then it was off to another friend’s house to watch Ultimate Figher Championship which resulted in way too much testosterone being unleashed by the guys that were there, as well as copious amounts of alcohol being consumed.

It was quite odd because last weekend I managed to finish an entire gallon of Barcardi Mai Tai mix and I was pretty, scratch that, horribly, intoxicated. Saturday I again bought Barcard Mai Tai, and managed to finish 3/4 of the bottle before I succumbed to being so drunk that the room was spinning, and I couldn’t really talk without slurring. I tried to watch The Zodiac but ended up passing out around 3am. Lovely!

I’ve noticed lately that the day after I drink a lot, I get the poops. I don’t get hangovers, and I don’t puke (I really don’t count a week ago when some Smirnoff Ice made me sick, since it was before I even went to sleep!). I get the shits. It started when Amy, Mario, and myself went out for breakfast. It just hit me out of nowhere and sucked because I have this irrational fear of going to the bathroom (let alone taking a dump) in public. But I sucked it up and went, because if I didn’t, I’d have shat myself.

Then Amy and I managed to head on out to the mall for a wee bit of shopping. I tossed out a good $100 on some much needed clothing. A cute hot pink swimsuit halter top, Dickies jeans, a star top and tank top, a sparrows (the bird, not the pirate!) purse, some undies, and a pinstripe skirt for a wedding that I’m going to with Mark.

Sometime after that I had to rush on out to Mark’s friends house for a bit of a party. Brought a long some beer brats, and pasta salads. Ate some yummy food, then ventured back into their house for some Guitar Hero playoffs. I really need Lasik surgery, because I totally blame my crappy scores on my eyes drying up and my contacts starting to pop out of my eyes. Lasik is the obvious means to being a Guitar Hero rocker.

Now it’s back to homework instead of procrastinating.


  1. Procrastination is the life fuel of students! Do not be ashamed.

    I know what you mean about those weird hangovers. I never used to get hangovers. In fact I used to wake up early the day after parties to annoy anyone who slept over at mine. It was a gift. Now I get lethargic and horribly hungry. So I spend all day in bed eating chocolate (very different to days where I simply stay in bed all day eating chocolate). The answer is to stay away from Mai Tai’s. As for me I’ll stay away from wine. I’ve never been so wasted in my life as I have on cheap wine.

    How did you end up buying so much with so little?!?! If I spend £100 I usually buy a dress and a pair of shoes. Maybe a lollipop if I’m lucky.

    You should have Lasik surgery if it means being better at Guitar Hero. There’s not better feeling than the one that comes with kicking ass on that game!

  2. I know about the procrastination thing. I feed off of it. It’s sad, but hey…there are some things that I just don’t want to do right away.

    I’ve never had Mai Tai. Should I try it? Haa, yeah, right!

  3. I’m procrastinating right now…I should learn for an geograohy test tomorrow, but since our teacher never asks any difficult questions and everyone gets a good grade in the end anyway, there’s no real need to do so, I guess.
    I never have real hangovers, either, I usually wake up feeling normal, but then again, there’s a relatively big chance I’ll have one once in my life, ’cause I’m not that old yet, lol. Not a thing to put on a to-do list, though…

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