Money needs to grow on trees.

The new design for is coming along perfectly. I’m working on a few kinks right now, and then it’s off to work on how the pages, comments, and others look as well. I really want to get more customization done, so eventually when I release it as a theme, most of the work is already done. Though since I’ve never truly created a theme before (aside from tweaking a current one and essentially almost making it mine) so it’ll be a nice project for myself.

This weekend was pretty nice. Ended up going over to Mark’s house on Friday night and just played around on his Wii, and went to Denny’s for a late (late, late) dinner, or maybe it was an early (early, early) breakfast? Either way, I had a nice time as expected. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon working on the new design and watching movies. Mark came over after 7pm and we picked up Chinese food, watched some of Big Fat Liar, The Prestige, and American Beauty. He ended up staying the night, but it wasn’t like it was much of a surprise.

I kind of like waking up wrapped around him. It’s nice. Didn’t do much of anything today.. We woke up around 2:30pm, after going to sleep around 4:30am. Ate some of the leftover Chinese food, played some N64 and Wii games.. and watched the last 40 minutes or so of the Prestige with my mom. Then he left me here to rot with boredom. Or not, but I can exaggerate.