Red things, chocolates, sexy things, and hearts

That’s right, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. It’s coming up in oh, three and a half weeks? I can’t say that I’ve ever truly hated this Hallmark holiday. Most of them I’ve been single, and very few of them I’ve actually gone out for them, actually scratch that. I’ve only ever done something on Valentine’s Day (eg: dinner, etc.) once and that was last year. Although I never really care for such cheesy things though I won’t ever deny that I’d still enjoy them no less.

With that being said, I’m the kind of girl that wants the person I like to feel like he’s on top of the world, and that he’s someone that means a lot to me. So I’ve already been trying to come up with something to do for Mark. I’m not going to do anything crazy or over the top. I was actually thinking about making something for him, much like the Bloo (from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends) trash can I made, just because I wanted to. I’m not really sure what the hell to make or even where to start.

All I know is that I’m just so happy with almost everything right now. I know I keep saying it, but I can’t help it. God, I’m probably annoying most of my readers right now, mushing on about my feelings for Mark and whatnot. Now if only I could just focus more on obtaining a new job, then everything would be set! On that note, I’m going to go ahead and go to sleep. I’ve tried to pay attention to the finishing touches for the redesign I’ve been working on, but just haven’t been able to.. Need to just go to sleep, get up tomorrow and run out to a few places to toss out some resumes and applications.

Oh, but back to Valentine’s Day, please do share some ideas on what I should make. I’m actually thinking of.. well.. hell, I’m not that stupid Mark, I’m not going to write about it where you can read it! =P


  1. I’m so glad I came across this blog, I am so usually full to the brim of having to read stories about Valentine’s Day about being all stupid and over commercialised and silly that you have to do blahblah.

    Spread the love. xP

  2. I’ve never done anything really on Valentine’s Day. I hope your’s goes over well, though. It’s really sweet that you’re going to make Mark something. Whatever it is, I’m sure he’ll like it. :]

  3. arg, valentines day, I dont know what to do either, we’ve decided we’re not going to buy each other anything but I’m going to anyway lol! hmm *decisions decisions*

  4. I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day myself. I’m not sure what you could do or make for him. I would have to think about it. 🙂

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