Reinvigorate: Another way to look at stats.

A month or more ago I came across a website, At that point all I knew was that it was another analytic stats program that was currently in beta testing. Eager to try out anything stats related, I went ahead and put in my e-mail address to try to get my hands on a beta invite. More teasing ensued when I read “Reinvigorate Preview”, an article from Dev Lounge.

Well, I ended up forgetting about it up until I got an e-mail on the 12th, with the subject Reinvigorate // Private Beta, and the first line saying: You have been invited to join the Reinvigorate private beta.” Obviously much girly squealing ensued, and I gushed to Mark about how I’d been waiting to hop on it.

Reinvigorate Your Stats

Being a Mint user, I’ve been introduced (and obsessed?) with stats that are crucial to my site, even if it’s not something that I can actually benefit from. The first thing I see, is a very smooth and sleek design. Color scheme: check, browser compatibility: check, pretty images that show off stats’ features: check check.

The big difference between Mint and Reinvigorate is that it’s not a hosted script. It’s all stored over at Reinvigorate’s panel. All I have to do is insert the javascript snippets into my header and I’m all good to go. I won’t have to worry about updating it, or taking up another MySQL database (or well, whatever platform RE is off of). The main disadvantage I could see happening is that their site goes down for good, and I’ve no longer got my own hosted option, or their site is down and isn’t tracking. It’s hosted by Media Temple so I’m really hoping that the uptime will be as close to 100% as it can get (taking into account maintenance, etc.)

If you want to check out more screenshots, check out my reinvigorate tags at flickr.

But so far I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, and it’s really been amazing thus far. Some of the graphs that are available, like the hourly visits. I can see a linear graph of it, or polynomials. There’s even a graph for hourly distributions. I don’t have to add any extra peppers, or wait for another pepper to be developed. Another favorite feature of mine, is definitely the Geolocation (which uses googlemaps to pin point users) and the Time Zone, which according to RI thus far, the more popular timezone that my visitors live in seem to be CST.

I love Mint, but considering I don’t have to pay $30 (so far), I’m going to stick with using Reinvigorate for any other site I develop. I’ve already stuck it on, and when I remember,


  1. I haven’t signed up neither of those sites that you’ve used to check your site’s stats of. Although, I’m currently using the “Awstats” from my cPanel. ^^

  2. I’m exactly the same as you, I signed up a while ago and totally forgot about it until they sent me the invite. And forgetful me forgot about it again until reading your post, which immediately prompted me to install the code into my theme. Who knows? This may be the better (and cheaper) Mint, eh?

  3. I would love to have the ability to do the above things… because I’m a bit stalkerish like that, you see, and have a incurable interested into my sites statistics (and other peoples too, unfortunately!). I’m far too lazy to sign-up though.

  4. interesting. i have never really used any of the statistics sites. they seem very time consuming. i might try one out.

  5. interesting. i have never really used any of the statistics sites. they seem very time consuming. i might try one out.

    What is so time consuming about viewing a website that has stats on it? You view what you want for how long, or how little. Hardly time consuming at all, unless you plan on staring at the screen like a mindless zombie.

  6. Ooh, I’ve recently come to love stats just to see who my visitors are and where they come from and also like someone up there before me said I stalk them, haha. It’s interesting. Thanks for your tip, I’ve already signed up as a beta so hopefully I’ll get an invite, haha.

  7. It looks awesome! I read up on Mint a while ago and was considering buying it; but I just wasn’t ready to fork out that much money… I will put my name to for this though; sounds brill!

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