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Well, I’ve been so obsessed with RoR lately, that I’ve finally dipped into it, instead of reading up on it. Since I’ve got the server for Holdfire Network, I think I might add Ruby On Rails to it. Not only because I want to use it (although my accounts with Dreamhost and Surpass Hosting have RoR) but I think it would be a perfect add-on for reseller accounts. Although majority of my clientèle doesn’t seem to be the kind that would be interested in RoR, it might inspire some new people to sign up with my services.

Even though I’m tagging these for I’ll go ahead and post up some of these links in case some of you are interested in them:

Ruby on Rails resources

  • Installing Rails on CentOS

Applications I can’t wait to try:

Since it’s already quite late tonight, and I’d rather not do SSH commands while I’m yawning and rubbing my eyes, I’m going to save the install for tomorrow. Right now I’m just finishing the design. I finally figured out why e-mails from one of my servers, were not sending out mail. Turns out when I created the new cPanel account for holdfire, the guy who helped me never created the new e-mail accounts through it. Since my MX entry is pointing to google’s, this caused an issue for e-mails being sent from any app on the server.

It didn’t even dawn on me about the e-mail accounts. I just assumed that it was a misconfiguration on the server, and was about to look into not using Google’s Hosted services. It’s also very discouraging finding that minor issue though, due to the fact that I’ve missed a lot of crucial e-mails that were sent through my client control panel’s for pre-sales questions. Oh well, at least I fixed it. It even motivated me to get my butt in gear to finish the last few pages up.

Now only if the .htaccess file would work currently so I could rewrite the urls to be SEO friendly. If any of you know that proper code to rewrite a url (eg:, to another (eg:, I would really appreciate it, as this would be much more aesthetically appealing then seeing the file extension on the end.


  1. If you want to just make one url use a php page as the resource:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^about/contributors/?$ /people.php [L]

    If you want to pass variables:

    RewriteRule ^comments/rss/(news|article)/([a-z0-9_-] )/?$ comments_rss.php?type=$1&path=$2 [L]

  2. I found this entry via Technorati’s search for ‘blog posts about X site’; thanks for the link. 🙂 I definitely recommend Mephisto. It’s the CMS I use on my RoR-specific domain,, and it’s also the CMS I chose when I set up my boyfriend’s blog. I tried Typo initially because it seemed to be the big RoR blog tool, but it was a nightmare. Mephisto was light years easier to install and get running; Typo gave me errors right off the bat.

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