Shut up and get over it.

Occasionally I will come across a driver that is so hellbent on giving me the bird and letting me know they hate my guts by doing the craziest thing ever: following me for a few miles, and scaring the absolute piss out of me.

Every day at 1:35pm I leave my house to go to the town over to pick up my youngest sister and two other kids from grade school. Every day I hop onto i80 for about 4 miles and then get off at the next exit to head north on that street, and then for another 1/2 mile to the school.

Today I was on the ramp to get onto i80, behind a pick up truck, a car, and a cement truck. After getting onto the right lane, I decided that I hated that lane and needed to be going faster (55mph wasn’t sufficing my need for speed apparently.) So I waited for the semi in the middle lane to go passed my car so I could get behind it. I went ahead and switched lanes behind the semi, and I look over to my right and see the pick up truck guy flicking me off and without a doubt yelling obscenities at me. I gave him the bird back because, well, I had to.

So he ends up getting two lanes over into the left lane where I’m at, so that annoys me so I just sped up and passed a few other cars and went along my merry way. After I got off of i80 and while I was merging on the northbound road, I noticed he was getting off too. I didn’t think much of it since a lot of people use i80 to bypass sidestreets.

So I’m waiting at a different intersection so I could turn left when he was behind me yet again, and apparently even more pissed off at me for something I didn’t do. So Im driving northbound on the next road and behind few other cars when he speeds up and decides to ride my ass and flick me off yet again. The school was coming up soon, so I decided to turn right onto it, and he was behind me. No longer a coincidence I started to panic, so I called up my dad to ask him what I should do, all while I’m turning onto other side streets in the neighborhood and seeing that he’s still following me. I was about to turn back onto the main road to head on over to the police station but he ended up turning onto a different side street.

Just yesterday I had to deal with some old hag being so annoyed that I cut her off (when essentially I didn’t, I just didn’t let her get in front of me in the right turning lane) that she called the cops to complain about me and “followed” me to the school. It’s not really following if the destination is the same, but I digress. Either way, a cop was already at the school for DARE so he came up to me to mention someone complained and other bullshit. I had my sister go out to her car to get the license plate number, since she was in the row over waiting for her kid (or grandkid, seeing as she looked ridiculously old and haggard) and she approached her and said “What, does your sister have a problem with me? I called the cops on her and two of them followed her here.” HA! What a whore. Now my duty to annoy the crap out of her whenever I see her. Scowls, nasty comments, and of course, cutting her off, are now on my daily to-do list.

emote Needless to say I’m really annoyed with asshole drivers, especially if you call the cops expecting something to happen or if you follow my car. Maybe I should get the Driving LED Emoticon to better express my deep hatred, and annoyance for other drivers. Too bad it doesn’t include a line like “You asshole,” “Fuck off,” “Plz2die” and other comments. Though I could settle for “Back Off,” and “Idiot.” Knowing my luck this would further cause chaos and you’ll end up reading some article on the internet about an attack against a young girl with an obscene LED that pissed off some crazy wacko.


  1. I can safely say that no one has ever followed me before (to my knowledge anyway.. haa) but my best friend has had lots of followers, once, he even started to CHASE her. It sounded really scary.

    I found those old banners on That was entertaining for a good minute.

  2. I just stumbled across your site and the driving thing is just crazy. My friend was actually followed once and at a stop light the guy actually GOT OUT of his car and came over to the drivers side and punched him in the face. He couldn’t roll up his window fast enough and had a black eye for a week. Then the crazy driver’s buddy took a bat to his car and started hitting it before the light turned green.
    Maybe some people just shouldn’t drive.

  3. Cat, that is ridiculous! It’s amazing to think how people react when they get pissed off, and what they do. I’m just glad that this guy didn’t try to do that to me while we were at a stop light; Though I think the fact that there were other people around, might’ve been a huge factor.

    Be lucky that it was just a black eye, and not say, any other kind of fatal injury, yanno? People are crazy.

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