Six Weird Things

Sigrun tagged me to write about six weird things about myself, and I fear that if I don’t write them out, she’ll haunt my dreams for-ev-er. At first I couldn’t think of what I do that’s weird, because I’m so used to it, so hopefully this is interesting enough to blog about. If not, death to you Sigrun.

I put mustard on everything.
I’m not sure when my obsession began, but I have had this ridiculously strong relationship with mustard for a long time now. I put mustard on celery, mushrooms, shrimp, steak, cheese burgers, crackers, chicken, basically anything that isn’t a fruit (excluding tomatoes, because yes, I have had mustard on ’em before.)

Never put ice with my pop but with my milk, yes.
Whenever I go out to eat with Mark, and I’m able to refill my own cup of pop (or soda for you weird people), I never put any ice in it, nor do I want any. I hate it when the ice melts and waters down my drink, especially when I plan on drinking it later (I don’t mind drinking room temperature pop, so long as it’s not brown.) But I have to have ice cold milk. Since it will never be ice cold from the fridge alone, I usually put a few ice cubes in it. It makes the milk that much more enjoyable.

I sometimes pee with the door open.
I know this may not seem that weird, and maybe it isn’t, but I actually like peeing with the door open when I’m in my own house. I suppose I’m just used to it because that’s what I would do in my apartment (unless I was taking the crap of my life) and I had some friends that would go pee with the door ajar too. My sister hates this, so I make sure I do it all the time. And to think I used to have a pee complex where I couldn’t go if I thought people heard me or if I was in public.

I drive with my windows down in the winter.
A few months ago when I was driving and my boyfriend was in the car he said “Are you hot?” I didn’t realize that he was freezing his cute butt off despite the fact I had the heat on in the car, but the sunroof open with the temperature around 40 or less. I don’t know what it is, but I cannot be in the car with the heat on, and have the sunroof closed. It’s just nice having a breeze coming in, but the warmth still keeping me comfortable.

I make random noises.
For some reason, at my parent’s old house where I grew up, I got accustomed to walking around and literally screaming, yelping, barking, bawking, clucking and god knows what else. I still do this at their new house. I’ll be walking up the stairs from the basement after doing a load of laundry, and I’ll just shout out random jibberish. This has always, and still, pisses of my dad. It’s just kind of relaxing to let it all out!

I get compulsive urges to buy office supplies.
I’m sure this isn’t just something I experience, but I feel happy when I am around a mass quantity of office supplies–especially if it’s on my desk. I don’t know what it is, but I like seeing a bunch of unsharpened pencils (I never use their erasers either, my pencils must look pretty!), pens (with their caps of course!), paperclips, white paper, crayons, pencil sharpener, sticky notes, markers, highlighters… I want it all. Which is why I found working in an office supply store so hard. I walk around the store lusting after all these items, and the various organizers that I would keep them in.

There, all done. I’m sure most of those weren’t too weird, and were more in the quirky department, but that’s all I could really come up with. I’m sure I’d have to have my friends and boyfriend answer that question for me, since they have to put up with it on a daily basis!

Since I’m supposed to tag other people to do this, I am going to force Rose, Pamela, Josh and Becky. If you don’t do this meme, you will suffer a bout of herpes.


  1. I share your office supply buying disorder! I can’t help myself… Even that I certainly don’t have a life or death need for new markers…

  2. I don’t see the point in shutting the bathroom door when I’m the only one in the house. And your office supplies is like my addiction to buy Japanese food.

  3. Good thing you did the meme, now I will make sure not to haunt your dreams. 😉 I sometimes pee with the door open too, but only when I’m home alone 😛 I make random noises too, haha. It annoys the hell out of my brother. Oooh the siblings…

  4. I thought I was the only person who didn’t like ice in their pop haha. I also love how you typed out for-ev-er, all sandlot-esque.

    Thanks for letting me know about my comments. What browser are you using? I use firefox, and the comment text shows up as black…haha. I’m in the works of making a new theme anyways, so I don’t think the current one will be up for much longer.

  5. If the milk sits out long enough for the ice to melt, and I still drink the milk… Then THAT is a disgusting concept!

    I always drink my milk before the ice melts; Once it’s cold gotta keep it that way, or else I don’t finish it. 🙂

  6. I leave the door open too! But I live with people LOL their just used to it – doesn’t bother me!

  7. I…. Can’t….. STAND…. mustard! It just…. disgusts me, and its got a yucky color and it tastes bad, and…. -shivers- I refuse to eat hot dogs if they’ve got mustard on them, lol. Ketchup is fine for me, thanks! 😛 And I never use ice, lol. When I was little I got an ice cube stuck to my tongue (I’m not sure how it happened, lol) and, being the little girl that I was, I ripped it off instead of walking over to the kitchen sink and melting it with warm water. (I was also too embarassed to ask my mom for help, lol) I still remember seeing pink stuff (I think a few taste buds must have been stuck on there) on the ice sube, although maybe its just my over-active imagination. ^^

    Oh and I’ve got an obsession with pencil sharpeners. Not the electric ones or the big ones stuck to the wall, just the little plastic or metal ones that you can carry around, lol. Whenever I was in my school’s art room and I saw one on the table, I would sneakily grab it and shove it into my bag. O_O I swear, its the only thing I’ve ever stolen 😀

  8. I too hate ice in my pop. I’d much rather drink it warm than have ice. Ouu, I like ice-cold milk too 🙂 but I put it in a frosty mug.

    I prefer a nice breeze on me too as well as a comfortable temperature. I open the windows in the winter.

    The thing that got me the most was “I get compulsive urges to buy office supplies”. I actually laughed out loud. You described it perfectly and I have those urges too. Wow I’m actually still laughing.

  9. Oh, the office supplies. I love every little bit about going to Office Depot, except the part about me not being able to buy everything in the store. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. 😛

    Hey, lovely redesign by the way! Elegant, clean, and refreshing 😀

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