There’s always time to make a resume.

I’ve made a resume once in my life, but never used it when looking around for jobs. This was because most of the jobs had their own applications which essentially served as a resume. But for the past week or so, I’ve been looking around for a new webdesign position to get more experience with other places, and to get my foot in the door with a larger corporation as opposed to a couple of guys running a small consulting firm.

All of these jobs require a resume to be sent in via email and/or fax. However, because my field is webdesign, the best way to approach this is by designing a resume template for my private website. Not only does it state my objective, experience, skill, and education but it also shows them right off the bat what kind of design skills I’m capable of. However, while designing it, I figured that although it showcases my skill, other people might benefit from the resume template.

The template was designed with smaller resolutions in mind. Therefore the width is static, and is set for 700px. Anything in this template can be changed in regards to font family, font size, colors, you name it. I don’t require that you give me credit for it, however it is welcomed and appreciated. I just ask that you do not take credit for this in your resume or portfolio. I’m sure you can figure out on your own why you wouldn’t want to do that.

If you want to see a working preview of it, you can visit If you want to go ahead and grab the template files, visit There are other files involved that you will have to download if you want to use the same format from the resume. I’ve listed them all in the source, so you’ll be able to download them from their original websites.

If you see a need for improvement or have any critiques, feel free to share them. I’m all ears.. err, eyes?


  1. That’s so nice of you to offer us a template. I never thought about designing a resume around a layout. I’m not looking around for anything right now, but I might download it and play with it.

  2. i made a resume years ago and have been updating it frequently. i didn’t use a template, though. just threw it together in notepad. this is before my days of using any kind of CMS or templates. too stubborn. 😛 now i don’t think i could go back. the resume looks GREAT and i love the separate contact page. that’s a really good idea.

  3. That is a really good idea. I’ve never thought about designing a resume in that concept before. I love the fact there’s a separate contact page. 🙂

  4. Very nice. I decided on creating a web-based resume also, but never thought about creating a template.

    I used sIFR to give me that extra edge with my typography. It’s still pretty lightweight too.

    Love the contact tab.

    Nice work.

  5. Since I’ve had a job before, I don’t have problems with my resume, except when I have to update. Good luck in finding a job at a better company 😉

  6. Wow, that is really awesome. I enjoy web design so much… but I don’t think I could find much work while I’m still in high school. But I think that if you could apply to other places where that sort of template would be accepted it would be awesome. Hope your job searching goes well!

  7. Wow that was a neat idea! I def need this. My resume is still…. blank. Like you, I didn’t need a resume to apply for job since on their application, it already serves as my resume. But in the future, I am pretty suer I will be needing a resume. Thanks for sharing this! =]

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  9. Well, I currently have a job, but this is a wonderful idea. I had to create an online portfolio before I graduated college and we had to include our resume on there. Most people just linked to a Word file, but I actually created a page and layout for my resume. I’m glad to see others doing the same thing. Very refreshing.

  10. Nicely done! I design websites and commercials for living, believe me as a good boss I am not used to say such a thing to just encourage you 🙂
    Continue your great job, doign very well!

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