Things are looking great so far.

This week has quite possibly been one of the best weeks of the year thus far. And to think that it’s only the third week in! Sunday I was over at Mark’s for a bit watching the 2 hour premiere of 24, and just spent time with him. Aside from that, it’ll definitely be a date I’m marking down as special, though I won’t quite get into it. I wrote about it in my livejournal however, so if you’re lucky enough to be a friend of mine there, you’ll have read it (or at least I hope so!) already.

Despite the fact that I am currently unemployed, I’m the so happy right now that I couldn’t ask for anything more. Most of it is due to the fact that I’m just elated at how well this relationship with Mark is right now. We haven’t spoken much in regards to “us” but after I sent him an e-mail with my latest journal entry, we actually talked about “us” and a few other things. Even though I had a feeling that things were good, it doesn’t hurt to also hear the other people speak of it. Not that I needed reassurance, it just good hearing it, you know? I’m just very excited, elated, and ecstatic with how things have been with Mark. I love how things have progressed with this relationship–I love that things started off slow, and just kind flowed into where we’re at now. He’s happy, I’m happy.

Though since I’ve been employed, the only things I’ve been doing lately has been hanging out with Mark most of the time. However I do have something to start working on. One of my IRC friends Adam gave me a webdesign project for one of his clients. I’m going to be redoing his website and will hopefully be gaining him as a client for Holdfire Network as well as future design projects. Hopefully things work out, because then I’ll have some money coming in, and this is something I can add to my portfolio.

Jem, I will never depart with my dearest Wii. Especially when I am going to have Wario Ware: Smooth Moves in my hands this week!

To my readers: I’ve been looking for some new websites to visit since I have a bit of free time, so if you can just share some of your favorite links, please do so! I’m looking for almost anything from personal blogs to design blogs, to css gallery sites or tutorial sites, to music forums or design forums. Something to keep me entertained is what I’m looking for, so feel free to link away! If you include more then one link, your comment will be moderated, so don’t think it got deleted; I’ll approve it when I get it!

Also, if my terd boyfriend comes over tomorrow, expect to see some pictures of us. I told him the other night that I really wanted some pictures of us, since I’m a sucker for things like that, so hopefully he’ll cave into whatever kind of pose I want. I’m totally thinking some pictures of me giving him a smoochy on the cheek is necessary and aw worthy. Oh yeah, I also won a free copy of from today. Since I already have it here on, I went ahead and added it to


  1. Fine! Don’t give me your Wii! I don’t want it!

    (Does reverse psychology work on you?)

    Loving this new design btw.. it’s exactly the kind of thing I need for but never have the inspiration to come up with. Kind of simple, yet elegant and usable. Pretty, in an odd way. Hmph.

    One of my favourite blogs is – I immediately thought of that because the sod has also just got himself a Wii as WELL as a brand new Sony laptop. Jealous is not the word for it.

  2. I’m the exact same way with my boyfriend. I always want pictures of us together. But then again, he does live 600 miles away.. I guess when we’re together I want to document every second of it to look back on and remember. 🙂

  3. Hey Jordan… i dont know … its just me or my computer… i cant access your site for a week… i thought you are gone or something…
    unemployee.. awww… what happaned to your job? i thought you like it…
    make as your fav link! lol…

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