Virb Inc.: Looking for a JR/SR Linux Administrator

Earlier today I got a message from Nate on Virb asking if I was interested in a job opening they had, and even though I love Virb with all my heart, I am just not as experienced as they require and even though I love moving around, I don’t think I could handle relocating to Massachusetts.

Anyway, he gave me permission to go ahead and let qualified people know about this opportunity, so I figured I’d post it up here since I know a few people stalk my comments I love it other tech-savvy sites.

Virb Inc is a growing Boston based company that owns/runs and maintains several high-traffic internet properties. We are in search of a full-time linux system administrator.

Daily Job Responsibilities

  1. Monitoring & Maintaining systems, and servers
  2. Mission Critical systems
  3. Internal and external servers
  4. Backup systems
  5. Work with support personnel to identify new problems and bugs
  6. Work with development team to identify and rectify problems with new features

Other Responsibilities

  1. Disaster recovery planning and implementation
  2. Network capacity/design planning and implementation
  3. Server builds, configurations, and install
  4. Hardware purchasing and installation
  5. Operating System install and configuration
  6. Researching new technologies and vendors that might benefit the company
  7. Other Technical tasks assigned by managers
  8. Data retrieval and organization


  1. LAMP Server Admin skills
  2. Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP experience a MUST
  3. RedHat based distro experience a MUST
  4. Moderate understanding of TCP/IP networks and internet architecture
  5. Routing protocols
  6. DNS
  7. Server Hardware building and testing

Skills Desired

  1. Experience with E-Commerce systems and merchant accounts
  2. MySQL High Availability setups
  3. Linux High Availability server setups
  4. Experience with high traffic web sites and applications
  5. VOIP/POTS setup and maintenance
  6. High-Level Network architecture design and implementation
  7. BGP
  8. Load balancing
  9. High availability clusters
  10. Anycast networking

Salary is based on experience and will range from $35,000 – $60,000 per year. Job position is located in Allston, Massachusetts–no remote work will be considered. Re-location compensation will be considered for the right candidate. We are open to recent college graduates with Linux experience who can grow with us.

Please forward all resumes and/or questions to


  1. Congrats on that offer! So cool! 😀 I couldn’t relocate either, unfortunately. =/

    Oh yeah, you run that stylevirb site! How’s that going by the way? I was meaning to see if you still needed volunteers. I’d be happy to help out if you aren’t full up yet!

  2. Melissa, I would definitely love it if you could help out; You’re pretty awesome at design concepts and everything, and I think it would be fantastic. I’ll shoot you an e-mail about what I’m working on 😀 *squee*

  3. Thanks you for posting that! I forwarded it to my brother who is more or less looking for a job, and that’s exactly the kind of job he wants to do! Though I’m afraid his chances are pretty low because he didn’t go to university. He lived in Germany all of his life though he’s been working in England since a month or two… We are half Americans though 😉

  4. Paddy–Honestly it was easy to say no for the soul fact that I am not as experienced as they’re looking for. Had I of had more experience, and knowledge you better believe I would’ve tried to see if I could land the job! =)

    Adastra, just to let you know that the job is in the United States, and although they do mention re-location compensation, it might be wise to have him inquire about it first, because I don’t think they’d do overseas, but that’s speculation. No problem on the typos 😉

  5. It seems like that kind of job would pay more… at least out here in AZ. I know that kind of job’s salary in AZ would probably almost be double. *shrugs*

  6. [quote comment=”7132″]It seems like that kind of job would pay more… at least out here in AZ. I know that kind of job’s salary in AZ would probably almost be double. *shrugs*[/quote] I think normally it would be a bit more pay, but the fact that the company is just starting up is probably a huge factor they have to deal with.

    Sorry you couldn’t take the job! It was awesome of them to offer this to you anyways though.

  7. Tiffany, a lot of times it also depends on the company that’s offering the position, but the salary range listed is about average for what most companies list their JRs (starting $30,000) though for a SR it’s about 5-10 thousand under the average (most seem to list at $60-75,000 but regardless of that for someone that’s an undergraduate or even a graduate that’s a nice amount of money to be making, especially for the company.

  8. Wow, what a great offer to have! Its a real shame that you couldn’t take it but there insn’t any point going for a job you are under skilled for eh? Virb is really cool though.

  9. Too bad I don’t have the knowledge or experience for that job, although, I don’t think I’d wanna ever take a job in Boston. I don’t mind driving and hanging out there, but no way would I want to work there unless the pay was incredibly good. Not to mention, it’s too expensive to live out here… 🙁

  10. Wow what a wonderful opportunity it would’ve been to work for Virb. That is a real shame that you had to turn down the job. It must’ve been such an honour to be asked though.

  11. To be honest I haven’t heard of Virb until now. I’m checking out their website as I type this out. 😀

    In a way I’d agree with others and say it’s too bad you turned down the opportunity to work for them. But in another way being honest with yourself and knowing that you’re not the right person for the job and relocating to Mass. isn’t for you is important too. I think too many people dive into the deep end before they’re ready these days.
    Although, having them approach you is always a nice ego boost too. 😉

  12. I forwarded this to my brother in law, as he would definitely qualify. I’m just not sure how he would feel about the relocating part…

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