Wisdom teeth are absolutely useless.

A few years ago my top two wisdom teeth came in. No problems with them aside from the fact that they came in at a slight angle. They didn’t disrupt any of my other teeth, so I didn’t feel a need to go to a dentist to see if they needed to be removed. There was some pain here and there, but nothing that some aspirin couldn’t resolve.

My two bottom wisdom teeth have been coming in as slow as molasses. I can feel (with my tongue) a slight peek of the corner tooth on either side. It’s been like that for awhile. Also quite gross because a little bit of food can get stuck in the area, and I’ll end up having to get a tooth pick of sorts to get it out. My tongue, albeit long and masterful at the weird, is not made to be bent backwards nor is it designed with a pitchforked end to get out something from a teeny crevice.

Two days the right wisdom side started to really ache. The gum area was very sensitive and I put it off to be the wisdom tooth trying to pop it’s way out. Yesterday more pain arrived with trying to chew food on the backside. It was so bad that I had to adjust myself and chew on the left side and more in the middle of my mouth. Then I started to really feel the aching in my jaw, lower throat, and cheek though all on the right side. I popped some more aspiring hoping that would dissolve all pain in the area.

This morning I wake up and it hurts to open my mouth as wide as it can go. It’s also very sore when I close my mouth and put pressure on my teeth. I have this odd feeling that this is going to be the worst case scenario. I’m going to have to get it removed, or I’ll end up pulling a Cast Away and using an old ice skate to pop out the bad tooth. Looking around the internet, I’ve found several different variations on what the cause can be since my symptoms are all there, but I have a hunch that I may have an impacted tooth. Regardless, I don’t have any health insurance so I can only imagine how much it’s going to cost just to get an evaluation done, let alone surgery to remove the tooth.

My mom told me to talk to my old dentist whom I’ve been seeing for well over 12 years. They’ve received a lot of business from us (hello, family of five!) I mean in 2004 I spent about $2,000 for some dental work! I hope that they can cut me some kind of minimal discount, or if they can’t do that, set up some sort of payment plan for me. I’m going to try to get around to doing that today, but I might not be able to. I’ve got a lot of work on my plate right now and I want to make sure I get that done. :3


  1. My wisdom teeth are coming out even slower than yours. I discovered my top left wisdom tooth was coming out, but not my right. Like your bottom ones, mine is just peeking out and food also likes to get stuck back there. It’s so annoying, but no pain yet. I don’t have insurance, either, so I’m hoping I won’t have to do anything about it. This is my first wisdom tooth coming out. I have yet to see the other three make an appearance.

    Good luck with the wisdom tooth and hopefully you can work something out with the dentist!

  2. I’m late, but this layout is lovely.

    Wisdom teeth are uggos…I’m dreading the time when mine start to come in. If I’ve lived without them for 17 years, what’s the point of even HAVING them? It’s an odd evolutionary holdover…

    Old ice skate? Bad images.

  3. I totally know what you are talking about and although the article you linked to said between 17 and 21… I still got one of them ‘stuck’ way back there and I am 24.

    And apparently I only got two of them according to my dentist. One is already out and the other is sitting ‘impacted’ correctly (ie not hurting and sitting upright in the ‘normal’ tooth position) and so long nothing is hurting it can stay where it’s at.

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