A Great Start for 2008

Right now I’m just sitting in Travis’ bedroom checking my email, Snark MB, and waiting for some multi-player maps for Halo 2 to finish downloading.

So far I’ve only been here since Saturday, but I’ve been having such a blast. The flight from Midway (Chicago) to Denver, Colorado was amazing. I’ve never been on a plane before, but I wasn’t even really nervous about that. I was just more nervous about what to do once I got into the airport… Luckily for me the guy checking his bags in behind me, ended up sitting next to me on the flight, so I was able to ask him advice/questions and he didn’t mind at all!

We ended up making up 30 minutes in the air; At one point we were going 500+ MPH and hit an altitude of 38,000 feet. It was just absolutely gorgeous being able to see places like that. The only bit that sucked was waiting 2 hours in Denver’s airport for my flight to Wichita… Oh, and the flight to Wichita.

Rather than a jet, I was on a propeller airplane, which was uber small. It was loud, hot, and I was stuck sitting behind a crying baby, who reeked of baby shit the entire time. Thank god it was only an hour flight. Otherwise it was nice walking off of the plane, and then getting to see Travis. And we’ve been together since then.

Laid around Saturday night and watched some of Shoot ‘Em Up and had Papa John’s pizza. Yesterday we spent the day laying around, met his friend Trent (otherwise known to me as DarKobra on Halo 3) and then went back to his place and played Halo 3 and other bits.

Today we went to brunch with the guys we play Halo 3 with–Redneck (Andrew), DarKobra (Trent) and GreedyGuttz (Brian.) It’s weird because you hear their voices when playing and that’s it–and then you get to see them in person. It was nice because we just talked shit, and had a decent breakfast.

Right now like I mentioned, Travis and I are waiting for some Halo 2 maps to download, and we’ll end up playing that for a few hours, and I think after that we’re going to his friend’s house (though I think he just wants to sit around and chill.) Not sure what else we’ve got planned, but I do know all of us Halo 3 bitches are going to see Cloverfield on Friday night.

Oh, and last week was amazing week for work. I managed two snag two new clients with freelancing, and a bunch of new clients for Holdfire Network and MyWHMCS. Needless to say that I’m not suffering by having this week long vacation. I don’t even know if I want to leave, I’ve been having so much fun! :o)


  1. Yay! Glad to hear your “first” plane ride went well…aside from the crying baby bit. ;P

    Have lots o’ fun in Kansas! What’s funny is that my family lives close to Wichita…and my sister’s boyfriend is from that city too. O.o Small world, eh?

    And zomg I can’t wait to see Cloverfield! Hopefully that movie will rock as much as the previews depict it…

    Have a fab vacation! 😀 I love the theme by the way…crisp and clean!

  2. Chris, I take that it’s a good “wow,” right? :o)

    Melissa, it’s definitely a small world! Travis’ little sister’s boyfriend is up from the Chicago area. It’s crazy how little things like that can make you feel like it’s “just right.”

    And yeah, I’m really hoping that the reviews I’ve read, will be proved wrong. I have been following the ARG since July, and I’ve read that a lot of it doesn’t even play into the movie… So, hopefully I won’t be disappointed on how it turns out.

  3. I’ve had quite a bit from you actually! I’ll check in and look to see how many mentioned you–I know it’s more than 3 I think. :o)

  4. Yes, it’s a good wow, and sounds good that your getting a bit of freelance work behind you. I’m personally working on one major website for a client then i’m kinda out in the open for work…

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