First Time Jitters

I’m almost twenty-two years old and I’ve never been on an airplane. At least at an age I’d be able to remember, because really when you fly to Disney World when you’re two, you’re not going to remember anything let alone that you flew on a plane. I almost had the opportunity last year in 2006 when I made a vacation plot for Houston, TX but that was foiled when I ended up driving 12+ hours to move down there.

The next opportunity would have been last year when my family flew to Houston for a week and a half vacation to visit family. Unfortunately I didn’t attend (something about work?) and ended up having the house to myself. But in four days, I am going to be flying. For the first time. Yes, I am nervous about it. So nervous that I keep looking at my booking email wondering how the hell I managed to purchase my ticket. It’s a round trip ticket out to Wichita, KS to visit my boyfriend Travis.

I ended up finding a sweet deal on after flummoxing around the internet trying to find flights that were under $350. I knew the price would go up because of how soon I was purchasing them (I bought my ticket yesterday…) so I ended up caving into the deal that Hotwire presented me. Normally you’re able to chose the flight you want to take which has the best departure and arrival times. However with Hotwire, the only way to get the deal, was if you ordered first and then got to see your booking information. It was a huge chance, which is the reason why I changed my flight from Friday night to Saturday. I didn’t want to chance getting an early flight because Travis has to work on Friday.

Anyway, I spent $324 (the other day Hotwire had it for $333) on my roundtrip ticket. I lucked out with the flights too! I’ll leave Midway airport around 1:20pm on Saturday, and will connect to Denver, CO. There I will have an hour layover, but honestly, I’m not going to mind. I’ve never been to Colorado before, so I’m looking forward to just take in the scenery albeit from the airport. From there I’ll fly to Wichita and get in around 6:40pm. My return flight is exactly the same, just different times.

I’m excited for a number of reasons, but I’ve seriously been so eager to finally get on a plane. I just am getting antsy with the pre-flight stuff. You know, getting searched, checking in luggage, and everything else. I’m only packing clothes and small necessities although most of the small stuff I’ll have on me. You know, makeup, extra contacts, toothbrush, wallet, books, and my iPod. I plan on just buying my toiletries when I’m in Wichita.


  1. I actually flew for the first time when I was sixteen, I think, so not too much younger! The first time, I was, of course, nervous, as you are now… but now I love flying.
    You’re probably right to be nervous about security and all that at the airport; I still get nervous even after flying all over the place — I end up walking out of the checkpoint all shaky and out of breath, because they tend to rush you a little too much so you’re never sure where your stuff is and if you’ve got everything.
    But after that, it really is smooth sailing… er… flying. 😛 I think you’ll really enjoy it. Midway’s a good airport to fly out of, too; not too big that you get lost, but not so small that you can’t get a good snack before you get on the plane.
    Good luck, and have fun with your boyfriend! ;D

  2. I think what I’m most nervous about is that I haven’t the slightest clue in regards to what to do, where to go, etc!

    And yeah, Midway is a decent airport. I’ve been there numerous times to pick up family, drop off family, and well, I live near it so it’s a constant in my life 😉 And I made it a point to get flights from Midway since it’s closer, and because it’s nowhere near the mass chaos that is O’Hare. 😀

  3. I get where you’re coming from. 6 months ago was my first flight and I was just extremely nervous (when I got in the plane and realized it was just like taking the train I almost got disappointed) ..

  4. I thought this entry was about sex for a second. WTF?

    I’ve never seen a plane up close, let alone been in flight. 😐

  5. I also experience that when I had my first flight . I was excited for it was my first time to ride in a plane and kinda nervous.. But when I got into the plane, it feels so good.. I enjoyed my free snack! 🙂

  6. I’ve been on a ton of airplanes and I STILL get nervous every time. But once the plane stops ascending and levels off, I’m fine. It’s really not that big of a deal, so I’m sure you’ll be fine! Have fun on your trip. 🙂

  7. I have my first flight in two days and I’m 25.trying to hide from everyone how nervous I am. If airport security is anything like security at the embassy then it won’t be fun. I’ll just feel harassed. Looking forward to actually being on the plane though

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