Astrolokeys Keycaps

I have been in the market to buy a new set of keycaps for quite some time. I just hadn’t really found anything that fit what I was looking for. I wanted something that had cute, pastel or mint/aqua colors utilized so it was really limiting my options.

I had already joined the group buy for Dixie Mech’s GMK Modern Dolch Light but since that wasn’t being shipped until Q4 2020, I needed something else.

I ended up stumbling upon DSA Magic Girl but sadly I missed the group buy for that buy a few weeks. So I opted to try out Astrolokeys via Drop. It fill the bill for something a keycap set that was cute and.. sorta involved pastel colors? I opted for just the base kit since I was going to be putting them on my Anne Pro 2 kb.

I have to say that the design for the keycaps is awesome. I haven’t used DSA profile in a long ass time so it’s taken some time getting used to typing on. I love the graphics on the modifiers, the font used for the alpha/num keys, and the color scheme. It’s such a freaking cute ass keyset!

Unfortunately, my set came to me super damaged. Almost 90% of the keycaps have chips on the bottom side of the caps. I’m disappointed that Drop even kept this set to sell since it’s very obvious once they’re on switches that they’re damaged. I opened up a ticket with them to see what my options are to replace the set but for now I’m enjoying them.

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