Our apartment is home now

When we first found our Washington apartment when we were back home in Illinois, we had only signed on for a six month lease. Since we were ‘shopping’ for it long distance, we had no idea if it would pan out or not and we lucked out with the short-term lease.

We’re officially coming up on the end of our lease. For the last month, I bounced back and forth on whether or not we should move elsewhere. We have some small cons for the apartment that’s been bugging us.

Noise pollution is the biggest offender. We live near a fire station and a police department, so sirens are a daily thing as they also tend to drive on the street right under our window. There are also a crapton of cars out here that think they need to have the loudest exhaust possible, so every time they speed by you can hear their fart can backfiring and echoing on the complex.

Our upstairs neighbor is also currently work-from-home and has been since the end of March. They have no concept of how to walk lightly but it seems to have improved slightly enough that I can tolerate the stomping when I do hear it. The first couple of months were rough and we were banging on the ceiling a lot.

As far as the actual apartment itself, it lacks any sort of storage/closet/pantry space. We have 1 closet in the entrance hallway that’s not really feasibly accessible and has enough space for hoodies and our shoes. Then the other closet is the one in our bedroom which has 1/3 of it taken up by the water heater. There is another “closet” built in here but it’s taken up by the full size (stacked) washer/dryer unit. I guess it’s an okay trade off to be able to do laundry in our unit.

The bathtub drain frequently clogs so we’ve grown accustomed to throwing some cleaner down it to try to do something to it. I guess we should just finally call maintenance since we’re going to stay here for another year, lol. The toilet is also kind of a piece of shit, no pun intended. If you ever have to take a large dump, you’ll end up flushing twice because the flushing power it has is pretty mediocre.

The kitchen is a little cramped for cabinet space. There’s a cabinet above the fridge that’s super hard for me to reach and I’m 5’10”. Even Joe has a hard time really getting into it! The cabinet above the stove is a farce since the exhaust fan takes up 90% of what could have been utilized.

For all those cons, there are a lot of pros. I love the way this apartment looks. It has a large living room that we currently utilize for our computer setups, our TV, and a corner of it has my comfy chair and charging station. I can sit there and read or nap in my chair if I want. The flooring is also your typical fake wood laminate so it just looks nice and it’s easy to keep clean. The kitchen has a sink and counter space the extends out so you can use it to sit at. We have no need for a dining room table due to buying chairs to sit there.

The kitchen, while it has some downfalls, is cute. It has a blue tile back splash and the appliances are stainless steel. But the stove is an older electric model and it just flat out sucks. Only 1 burner is truly really reliable for cooking but I can deal with that.

My most favorite part is that we lucked out with our unit. It’s a corner unit that faces southwest so we have tons of windows! We have four windows (2 in bedroom and two in living room) that face south and receive sunlight ALL day long. Then we have two windows that are west facing and get sun pretty much all day as well. It has helped us save a ton of not needing to utilize a lamp or light since the sun has been setting around 9:10pm PST for the last few months.

Since we moved here when COVID-19 was starting to get bad and eventually caused the state to shut down, we didn’t really attempt to make this apartment our home. We didn’t buy a coach, or new bed frame (we have an old simple one), decorate the place, or even fully unpack some stuff. But now that we know we’ll be here for another year, I feel more motivated to get all of that taken care of and make this place actually feel like home and not just a temporary place to crash at.

ASU GIT BS Progress Tracker

I’m finally halfway through my Graphic Information Technology B.S at ASU! My Spring 2020 semester just ended a day ago so now I play the waiting game for my Summer 2020 semester to start up on May 16th.

I have been creating my own schedule and registering my own classes based off of the DARS audit and GIT major map that I can access through MyASU. Since my last two Spring courses ended last night, I was bored and decided to adjust my Summer by adding in ENG 101 since I’ve yet to actually take it.

Then I randomly decided I needed a better way to track the remaining courses I needed, so I created a Google Doc. I added each section for my GIT BS and then also added on potential minors at the end since I plan to have one. While my current Google Doc is specific to my progression, I decided to readjust it to include everything from the beginning for other future students and/or people who might be changing a major to GIT.

Here’s the link to the Google Doc for a current course list for ASU’s BS Graphic Information Technology: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ie…

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Washington bound!

A lot has happened since that singular post I made last year when I brought my website back online. The biggest thing is that Joe proposed to me in October of last year and of course I said yes.

The other thing is that we made plans to move out to Washington together but we had put it off since it wasn’t feasible for his job at the time. But in July we decided to move by March 2020 and stuck with that goal. It’s been a hectic couple of months but we managed to settle on an apartment in Everett, Washington! I also found a store to transfer to for Starbucks and I’ll remain a shift supervisor there as well, so I’m happy for that.

March 2nd officially be my last day of being an Illinois resident. It’s going to be bittersweet as I have some family out here along with my coworkers and friends. But I’m more excited to move to Washington as I fell in love with Seattle and surrounding areas back in Fall 2018.

Goodbye, Chicago!

Long time no see

This poor website has gone through some intense trials and tribulations. From expired domains to deleted databases to years long hiatuses… At some point I managed to repurchase said expired domains and just sat on them for years but never actually did anything with the websites.

And.. despite deleted databases, when you spend hours going through multiple different backups, you realize you have an old SQL backup which isn’t everything you lost, but most of it.

Which leads me to right here, right now. It’s only a six year old backup but hey look, it’s my own website again!

Super busy the last few months

I have severely neglected my blog again :(. Around the time school started, I picked up another part-time job that is more like full-time and is pretty demanding of mine time. So between school work and work work, I have been absolutely swamped this year. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I haven’t been able to do any fun coding on my site or work on any of my own projects.

Right now my weekend looks like it will be full of Adobe Flash for my midterm project that’s due Monday and a website for the website competition through JJC which is due by March 11th. Not only that but I also have a client I picked up over the week, so I’ve got his site I need to do. Blargghh, no time for anything anymore.

Either way, I don’t mind it so much but sometimes I feel like I never get ~me~ time anymore to do whatever I want. Perhaps this is what I can use to justify the fact that I want to purchase the Astro A30s for myself. Kind of tired with my current headset and wouldn’t mind having these. I almost bought a new 23″ Acer LED but I stopped myself for some reason. I suppose I felt that since I still have a secondary monitor that’s 19″, that I don’t need the 23″. Pfft.