Razer Onza TE and the issues it has

I honestly was hoping I wouldn’t have to write another poor review on a Razer product but unfortunately I feel I have to. I’ve had my Razer Onza Tournament Edition for exactly one month now. I had been looking forward to it since it was announced at 2010’s CES. I pre-ordered it the second it was made available in January, so you can say I was definitely excited for it.

razer onza te

I got used to the controller fairly quick but the first issue that arose from the controller: Serious feedback from any mic being used with it. I tried it out with a pair of Astro A40s, Tritton AX 720s and then just the official Xbox 360 headset. Two of the three had severe feedback–it was bad enough that the feedback would output to people in my XBL party. The Xbox 360 feedback was only audible [to myself] when people were talking. It would pop/crackle when someone started talking and hiss/pop once they stopped talking. It was passive enough that I just did my best to ignore it. It sucked having to stop using headsets I dropped insane money on because of feedback.

That issue started the minute I used the controller unfortunately. If that was the only problem with it, I’d be content and deal with it. But it wasn’t. Two weeks ago both of the analog sticks started to have response issues. I should note that I had absolutely no slowturn issues at all. I ran the test and it passed 100 across the board. The issue I had was that the analog stick would just stop sending out a signal that it was still in use. While I was playing Modern Warfare 2 MP, a perk I often run with is marathon pro. That gives me endless sprint. So all I need to do is push/use the left analog stick and I’m running non-stop. Well, that definitely didn’t happen. I would constantly stop as if some invisible wall was spawned in front of me.

Then when I’d try to sprint again I would only be able to move what can be construed as 2-3 steps before I’d have to let go of the analog stick and then push it forward. This is frustrating because despite unplugging the controller (and eventually restarting my 360 Slim) the issue was still present. So not even 20 minutes later, I started to have issues with the right analog stick. It had the seem lack of response–it would stop accepting that I was moving the analog around and stick to the last position it was in.

Knowing all of the frustration I went through with my Razer Lycosa, I knew that I was not going to live with it and deal with it. I want a controller that works! I love the Onza TE, especially being able to map the buttons AND change the tension for the analog sticks is a GODSEND! The controller is slick, light-weight and response time with the buttons is amazing. I just am not going to use it with the analog stick issues. Whether or not it’s a bad controller or the entire batch, I’m hoping I can get an exchange for the Onza TE as soon as possible.

Going from the Onza TE to my old Xbox wireless controller is brutal!


  1. I have been looking for someone with this problem as I have the same. It happened to me after just 1 week, Very anoying. And both analog stick responds kind fo weird some times. What did Razer do with this?

  2. I haven’t had any of those listed problems, but after 5 weeks of use, the top bumper( RMFB button ) no longer makes the distinctive click, so it no longer feels the same. And the other three bumpers are slowly deteriorating also.

  3. i have a similar issue, i just received it yesterday and was playing BO:Zombies, i have a problem with this joystick whenever i have the left analog stick pushed forward and i want to sprint, i need to press harder than normal for it to register, sometimes i need to release the pressure of pushing the joystick forward to push down on the left analog stick, but sometimes i stop sprinting.
    do you guys have this problem? Other than that, i don’t experience the microphone issue.

  4. i bought 2 of these suckers and can honestly say im not impressed. the main problem i had w number 1 was the left thumbpad cracked under the rubber cover and basically half of it broke off when i had the tension maybe 3 to 4 clicks. i contacted razer support (god help u if u ever have to deal w them!) and was given the “sure its under warranty” until i said i bought it off ebay! even though i have their “cert of authenticity” all packaging and factory seals were intact when i received it, Razer insists that mine is a counterfeit one and will no longer honor their warranty. one cannot purchase a new joystick nor even pay 100% of the costs to have them repair it!!!!!! what a joke!!! i asked for a supervisors name phone # email, and all i get in return is an email saying that its counterfeit and not warranted. so screw razer and their treatment of their customers. i have used their products since the company’s inception, but i will not buy a single razer product ever again. dont waste your money!!!

  5. My analog sticks have terrible issues. When untouched the sticks will slowly pull down and change my view!

  6. ive had 3 razer onza TE now,

    first, after 3 weeks the right bumper stopped working as said in the comment before me, razer refused to replace it as it was a gift from relatives in usa, they said the warranty is void because it was used here in europe, (even if my relatives were the ones to claim the warranty)

    second, bought another one when they were released in europe, was delivered broken and had the sprint issues in the article

    third, finally they give me a replacement, after 2 weeks the right analog stick aims by itself, it jitters down the way all the time, if i dont constantly re adjust it back up i am aiming at the floor in no time.

    their customer support is HORRIBLE so it will be about a week before i get another replacement sent out, ive asked them to send me a standard edition since most issues are the thumbsticks

  7. Mine has a dead zone on the left analog stick, press up a lil is fine, press up more nothing, press up hard all the way it goes up again….thing doesn’t even have 20 hours of playtime on it, nor has it been dropped , abused etc. I am Dissappoint.

  8. This is the exact same problem that i am having with mine when i plug it into the computer it just stops repoting intermitantly it all sort of freezs for a split second then starts moving again, if you ask me it is running out of memory or resetting the chip every time it happens at a set rate. WTF do i do with this awesome controller that doesnt work right?????????? OMfg??

  9. I have had a similar issue with my Onza TE.

    About one week in, the left analog stick would REFUSE to register that I was trying to run. (MW2 and Black Ops).

    After fiddling around, I decided it was useless to try and fix it. So I just mapped the running button to LB2. This was fine, and I actually began to prefer it this way. Needless to say, switching to an xbox 360 wired is going to be a pain, as I will now be throwing secondary grenades all the time instead of running.

    The issue that I can’t handle, the unwanted cherry on top, started to happen this last week. This is 2 months in. The right analog now randomly decides when to register a downward tug, which in turn, makes me look down a lot. This sucks, because enemies don’t typically appear at my feet, where I tend to end up looking.

    This happens a lot when I just tap up for a quick second to adjust the height of my aim. I end up having to do this a lot at once since it automatically returns to its previous spot since the down function decides to activate right afterwards.

    Frustrating? You bet.
    Razor, please. Quality test the products before mass producing them.

    I love the Onza, but it has given me enough trouble that it might prevent me from ever getting a Razor product again.

  10. I’m having the same issue. I’ll be running, then stop. It just cuts out. I don’t know what the deal is.

    Razer won’t take it back since I bought it on Amazon.com, and Amazon won’t take it back because I’m outside their 1 month return window.

    I can’t say I’ll be buying another Razer product, because I can’t deal with stuff breaking after a couple of months. It just isn’t worth the cost.

  11. I had the same problem with the analog sticks… Did you try changing slow turning off ? By calibrating the sticks from the default sensitivity of 90 degrees to 45 degrees… I did this and now the sticks seem to be working fine for me, for now. Heres the link mate: Razersupport.com.

  12. Razor #2 dead

    Same thing. First one I got out of the box, the mic jack was bad and had the same non-responsive analog stick. Sent it back and got a replacement. Two months later, the mic jack died on #2. Mic/headset works fine on original Xbox controller. Way too expensive to have this many problems.

  13. I bought it so I could run in gears without moving my thumb from the right stick, 3 days after getting it during play the controller would disconnect from the console and I’d have to unplug it then plug it back in to fix that. A few hours after the issue began it lost it’s ability to connect at all.

  14. I’ve had the onza just for a couple of weeks and the x button is refusing to work properly and the y is also being a pain. I really want to fix this because i love this controller.

  15. I have used Razer products since 1998 when they released the original Boomslang mouse. That original product really set a tone of quality for this company, but since then I feel it has only gone downhill. They retain great ideas and certainly strive to make products that have all the kinds of features that appeal to gamers. However, their build quality has been shoddy since their company reboot in 2004. Perhaps shoddy sounds a bit harsh, but their generally appreciated products come with significant feedback of flaws that tend to occur a while after purchase.
    I bought the Razer Boomslang CE (collectors re-release of the original Boomslang) which ended up with numerous performance issues after just a couple of months light use (LEDs stop working, skipping sensor performance). Since then I have lost most of my respect for Razer. I have considered some for their products, but after doing some research I all too often find articles like this that only solidify my concerns about this company.
    Unfortunately I find this to be the case with most ‘pro-gamer’ brands. They put emphasis on features and looks, then ditch the quality to keep the price low.

  16. The controller itself would be great if the defects weren’t occurring as much. Let me reassure you that the mechanics and quality of the product have not been tested thoroughly. I have bought a Razor Onza TE and had replaced it 5 times already because of issues like the ones mentioned above which include the following: Left & Right Bumper not responsive, Left Joy Stick Button poor responses, and Slow Turn Issues on both left & right Joy Sticks (which in my opinion was most frustrating.)

    With that said, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this controller because of the defects. If, by some chance, they have a recall on these controllers and fix these issues then I will use the Razor Onza again. But as of now, I have put it to the side resting on my 2 year replacement plan.

    If you would like a reliable controller, then let me suggest this one: Mad Catz Pro FPS which also had extra buttons on the back, but are limited to certain ones. It takes getting use to those buttons on this controller, but if you practice like I do then you should be able to 360 nose scope someone in no time. So far from my experience with the controller there has been no defects at all and it’s about 10 US dollars cheaper than the Razor.

    FPS Freeks work great as well and adding them to the Mad Catz FPS pro have been an added bonus when it comes to aiming precisely and maneuvering to your full control.

  17. Man I really wanted to get one was drooling at one on display recently but decided to check online reviews first, lucky me. I just called a friend of my who owns one as well all he told me was “Crap!” I did not realized its so problematic.

    For a company that suppose to sell quality products this is a big no no. Hell my old ancient extinct Creative Cobra 2 Usb Gamepad (PC) until today 11-12 years old still has no issues, now that is quality product.

    I think I will stick with basic default old 360. At least until somebody made a more durable drooling controller that is…

  18. On my fourth Onza now. These guys need to do a redesign on the Onza. Don’t buy the controller until they do.

  19. Another broken Onza here, the left bumper button activates without being touched and the left and right sticks only detect being pressed about 75% of the time. Horrible quality for an expensive product, I’m going to push for a refund rather than replacement as I don’t know anyone who has bought an Onza and is still using the original!

  20. I had problems with it as well. My first’s analog stick started having the same problem you are describing within one week of use so I returned it to the store and got a replacement. The second one worked for about 3 days before the Left Bumper started having a problem where it would also activate the Y button as well as the bumper every time you used it. So I returned that one as just bought a new regular controller. Oh well. I really wanted to like the Onza too.

  21. I have had mine for two weeks bought it new on ebay, Now all of a sudden while playing BFBC2 Vietnam I notice when I am in a tank catching a mortor attack if I hit the left trigger(reverse) the tanks studders and will not move unless I hit the left trigger a couple times… kinda dissapointing considering the hype on this controller… and the seller will not stand behind the failure. Told me I needed to see if Razor would honor a warranty????? I guess I am just burnt and stuck with this piece of junk….ugggggg

  22. I’m on my broken 3rd Razer Onza TE. These controllers either arrive broken, or break in a couple months. Regardless of the buttons, the rubber pads on the joysticks just dissolve after awhile, and I don’t even press hard. They make you pay to ship it back to them as well.

    Don’t buy it!

  23. Hey, I love the controller but after a month I started having the sprint stopping issue and the looking down issue that people have posted. Changing the controller sensitivity does help allot. I think someone posted a link in here. And last, to the people with warranty issues it might help if you went torazer site and read the list of authorized dealers. I bought mine on amozon and their on their I think someone posted that razor wouldn’t honor the warranty cause he bought it from their. Use their own list against them! And if they don’t go for it, tellem ull sue for false advertising. I bet they won’t hesitate to keep their word then! Lol… hope this helps someone : )

  24. I had the problem of drifting down on the right analogue. Having stripped down the Onza I realised that its assumed that the componants are dry when they are actually slightly lubricated. I placed a tiny amount of clipper oil (used by hairdressers) into the turn box on which the stick sits and to my great pleasure I now have a fully functional Onza. The drift is no longer a problem and FPS are back to normal

  25. Waste Of money!
    Same happened to me, then the left stick completely fell through when I tried to sprint!

  26. Mark, thanks for your comments. Can you advise Razer of your fix because hundreds of people r having problems with Razer sticks, me icluded. I’ve returned mine and am waiting 12months to see what Razer do to improve. Guys, on the Razer website its states that if you buy from another retailer all return/warranty issues must start there. Razer will refund or replace your controller but only if the original selling retailer handles the return if you like. I had to wait about 2 weeks but all good.

  27. On my second Onza now, first one right stick went bezerk, got another with waranty…. 2 days ago LT died, today RB wont click. I don’t know what to say, mixed emotions between sad and pissed. 2 broken in 6 months

  28. I have none of the problems above mentioned as of yet other than I have to keep unplugging and plugging the dang controller back in to get it to work. Also, they blocked me from sending email to them for support. What? Says I’m sending out spam from my own personal email I get from my phone company? Phreakin ridiculous.

  29. Im currently on my 3rd onza the build quality is absolutely shit.
    But im hooked on the feel of the controller D;

  30. Just pitching in to say i have the same problems, and might know why its happening (yes, shoddy build quality, but how exactly?). If you have it plugged in, and the xyab buttons are lit up, pull your right stick to your downleft, and look alongside it into the controller. What do you see? Yes, the electronics board!

    In other words, this thing has as many leaks as the Iraqi navy, and has no protection against dust getting inbetween the sensors.

    I expected more of razer, even though they have been dropping the ball more and more lately.

  31. got my 1st onza… X and A buttons did not work, got it replaced from amazon..all i played for 5 months 2 hrs a night was blackops multiplayer with ‘move faster perk’ on so i was pressing left stick often….and then? yep just like everybody else? when i wanna run, pressing in left stick? non-responsive! this is big let down cos’ the contoller is awesome, so responsive, amazing for cod! oh well shame.. even if it lasted 2 years i’d keep paying for a new one,it’s that good…anyone that plays cod knows you can’t be gentle but a few months!! this is a ‘pro gamer controller is it not? after much research on this product if you want a controller build to last? DON’T BUY A RAZER ONZA.

  32. I just brought my Onza TE and the headset jack is allready broken I try using a normal xbox 360 wireless controller and it worked fine. Honestly im very dissapointed with it and I do not reccomend it.

  33. I loved this product until like all you other guys have had the same problem with the analogue sticks jamming/ stop working, i mean i love this controller perfect in every way, light weight and very reactive to user input, but its faults really let this product down it needs to be sorted its a good product with massive potential if i didn’t break so often. I only have the TE of the Onza im not sure if this happens to the standard edition of it, this i will do more research/ testing on.

  34. On my fourth razor. They are garbage. Left trigger usually goes after 6-8 weeks or either stick wont recentre after 2-3 months.

    Onza warranty policy is return to them after 30 days. Nothing happens after 30 days so they are sweet.

    I am looking to see how to get my money back for all of the junked controllers i have from them.

    I play maybe 10 hours a week, mostly blops2 and mw3.

    Just. Pure. Garbage.

  35. My Onza TE, the right stick seems like it wants to stick to the left, even though it looks like it is sitting dead centre of the controller, its pissing me off heaps because even if i aim the opposite way it decides that it wants to turn even harder in the left direction -___-

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