Our apartment is home now

When we first found our Washington apartment when we were back home in Illinois, we had only signed on for a six month lease. Since we were ‘shopping’ for it long distance, we had no idea if it would pan out or not and we lucked out with the short-term lease. We’re officially coming up […]

Astrolokeys Keycaps

I have been in the market to buy a new set of keycaps for quite some time. I just hadn’t really found anything that fit what I was looking for. I wanted something that had cute, pastel or mint/aqua colors utilized so it was really limiting my options. I had already joined the group buy […]

ASU GIT BS Progress Tracker

I’m finally halfway through my Graphic Information Technology B.S at ASU! My Spring 2020 semester just ended a day ago so now I play the waiting game for my Summer 2020 semester to start up on May 16th. I have been creating my own schedule and registering my own classes based off of the DARS […]

Washington bound!

A lot has happened since that singular post I made last year when I brought my website back online. The biggest thing is that Joe proposed to me in October of last year and of course I said yes. The other thing is that we made plans to move out to Washington together but we […]


I’ve been building my computer since ~2009ish! I don’t really go all out there for a super gaming rig but rather just something that’s within a good budget and is still a powerhouse. Parts All parts are linked to pcpartpicker.com do not have any affiliate/referral codes attached. CPU: AMD – Ryzen 5 1600X 3.6 GHz […]