Black Ops: Achievements Leaked

Earlier today all achievements for Black Ops were leaked. In total there are 50 achievements (or PS3 Trophies) to obtain that are worth 1000 gamerscore. Of those 50 achievements, 1 is worth 100 gamerscore (or a ps3trophy) that you will receive upon completing the game in hardened or veteran mode. There are currently 3 secret achievements that are worth 45 gamerscore (or 3 ps3trophy.)

Black Ops Achievements

Sacrifice 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba

Death to Dictators 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Use a single round to bring down Castro

Vehicular Slaughter 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break

Give me liberty, or give me death 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Escape Vorkuta

Slingshot Kid 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts

VIP 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Receive orders from Lancer

A safer place 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Sabatoge the Soviet space program

Tough Economy 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh

Looks don’t count 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Break the seige in the battle of Khe Sanh

SOG Rules 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City

Raining Pain 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Rack up a bodycount of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City

The Dragon Within 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Kill 10 NVA with Dragon’s Breath rounds

Heavy Hand 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement

Up Close and Personal 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Silently take out 3 VC

Double Trouble 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon

Broken English 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Escape Kowloon

Lord Nelson 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river

Never get off the boat 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Find the Soviet connection in Laos

Pathfinder 50 gamerscore ps3trophy
Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed

Mr. Black OP 50 gamerscore ps3trophy
Enter the Soviet relay station undetected

With Extreme Prejudice 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets

Russian Bar-B-Q 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound

Light Foot 30 gamerscore ps3trophy
Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.

Some Wounds Never Heal 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Escape the past

I Hate Monkeys 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs

No Leaks 50 gamerscore ps3trophy
Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island

Clarity 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Crack the code

Double Whammy 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Destroy both helicopters with one TOW guided missile from the deck of the ship

BLACK OP MASTER 100 gamerscore ps3trophy
Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty

Stand Down 35 gamerscore ps3trophy
Complete the campaign on any difficulty

Frag Master 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade

Sally Likes Blood 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet

Unconventional Warfare 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies

Down and Dirty 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Complete “SOG” and “The Defector” on Veteran difficulty

It’s Your Funeral 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Complete “Numbers,” “Project Nova” and “Victor Charlie” on Veteran difficulty

Cold Warrior 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Complete “Operation 40“, “Vorkuta“, and “Executive Order” on Veteran difficulty

Not Today 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Complete “Crash Site,” “WMD” and “Payback” on Veteran difficulty

Burn Notice 25 gamerscore ps3trophy
Complete “Rebirth” and “Redemption” on Veteran difficulty

Closer Analysis 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Find all the hidden intel

Matinee 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Watch a film or clip with a friend

Gamblin’ Fool 20 gamerscore ps3trophy
Finish 5 Wager Matches “in the money”

You Can Do It 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Reach rank 10 in Basic Training

The Collector 20 gamerscore ps3trophy
In Zombie mode, buy every weapon off the walls in a single game

Hands Off the Merchandise 20 gamerscore ps3trophy
Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out

Sacrificial Lamb 15 gamerscore ps3trophy
Kill 6 zombies after getting shot by a Pack-a-Punched Crossbow bolt

“Insert Coin” 10 gamerscore ps3trophy
Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade

Easy Rhino 5 gamerscore ps3trophy
In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time

Secret Achievement 15 gamerscore ps3trophy

Secret Achievement 15 gamerscore ps3trophy

Secret Achievement 15 gamerscore ps3trophy

Temple of Light Walkthrough

This video is for a walkthrough for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on the first level “Temple of Light.” You will end up doing about two walkthroughs for this level (and probably for the others as well) as your first one will require you to get 7 of the 8 challenges completed. Because you’ll be going for all challenges it will take you longer than 6 minutes to run through it this why you need to play through it twice. The last challenge you’ll get will be to play it within 6 minutes or less.

This level is fairly easy in terms of the puzzles you need to solve but as you progress in the ‘story,’ they will become a little more difficult and require you to put a little more thought into solving the puzzles as well as mapping out your gameplay throughout.

You will also receive three achievements during your playthrough:

Overachiever Overachiever 15 gamerscore
Complete any level-specific Reward Challenge

Breadwinner Breadwinner 25 gamerscore
Earn the top score objective in any level

Seeing Red Seeing Red 20 gamerscore
Collect all 10 red skulls in any single level

Banshees, Fast and Low Achievement

This is for the following achievement:

Banshees, Fast and Low Banshees, Fast and Low 25 gamerscore /><br />
Hijacked a Banshee during the Reach Campaign. </p>
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The fastest (and easiest) way to get this achievement is to load up “The Package” mission and select “Rally Point Bravo” on Normal. Go ahead and walk to the base you’d normally defend but instead grab a jetpack. Then you’ll use it to get on top of the base’s roof. Sit around and wait until one of the banshees gets closest enough, then use your jetpack to get above it. Wait for the prompt to hijack, hit x and voila–there’s your achievement!