Broken bones and a totaled car

On June 8th around 9:40pm on my way home I was in a car accident. I was turning left when I was tboned by a truck being driven by Robert Slager (Slager and Son Masonry) going 55mph.

I’d go into so much more detail but I’m typing this from my iPhone right now.

I suffered a fractured left wrist, a fractured left foot, a severely fractured right tibula and knee, and a displaced and fractured hip ball. The right side of my face had deep lacerations.

I’ve been in the hospital since the accident. Have had three surgeries for my hip so far with one of those fixing my wrist and foot fractures, and stitching my face.

In an hour and a half I’m going into my fourth surgery to fix my fractured hip. I’d write more but my tummy hurts and I’m thirsty (but I can’t eat or drink before this surgery).

So until then.. Wish me luck.