In a constant state of creating.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had this constant urge to create something new. Not even something specific either. The urge has ranged from baking, to new website projects, and god knows what else. I haven’t really followed through with any of them, but I have managed to get a start on a couple of my ideas that I’ve come up with. The need to create something new has been overwhelming to the point where it’s frustrating to me. I don’t want to have another project to manage, because I have enough already, but I can’t help but want to create something new to either earn profit, or to be the best.

I’ve managed to find a bunch of new scripts that I want to test out. They’ve ranged from a host directory, gaming clan, to a Halo 3 screenshot directory. Some of them I doubt that I’ll ever get around to, but I’ve already put time and effort into the Halo 3 screenshot directory. I got tired of uploading all of mine into a Halo directory, so I went ahead and registered a new domain, and purchased some software to get the job done. Not sure if I really want to get it going to where other users join up as well.

Aside from putting together ideas for new projects, I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied with other work. Design work has been really slow, which is probably the reason why I’m looking for something else to do. Hopefully I can nab in some web design jobs soon, because I’m going to go crazy if I start up another project.

Other than that, I don’t know what I want to blog about here. I don’t want to write tutorials on A or Z; I don’t want to blog about someone else’s differences and shortcomings, but I don’t want to have an empty blog. I need to think up something to blog about because I hate having to bullshit my way to an entry on my own damn blog.