Playing catch up

I’ve yet again managed to allow my website to plummet off the deep end. I let it go for a few good reasons though. I had been extremely busy with Holdfire, and ended up focusing most of my energy towards it to get things accomplished. As usual it took me a little longer than anticipated, but regardless I got it done.

8187415 The past few months have been pretty decent. My previous relationship ended, only to have someone else come back into my life again (on my accord.) May 8th I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my best friend Amy, Steve, and another good friend, Davia. Although the best part was receiving a text from Steve telling me I had a delivery. So I went to my front door only to open it and see a package from ProFlowers. I opened it up and it was a gorgeous bouqet of 24 roses that were yellow, pale orange, pale pink and red. This alone was probably the only thing I needed to enjoy the rest of my birthday. We ended up going to Houlihans for dinner, and then to Durbins for drinks and good times.

Steve and I went to a park for a picnic on Monday after dropping off his Macbook Pro at the Apple store to get fixed. It was a gorgeous day out, and what made it better was that he ended up asking me to be his girlfriend. One thing I have to admit is that I have honestly never had a guy ask me out to his face. Majority of the time it was maybe through the internet, or a text message but nothing as great as this. Things have only gotten better since then. He’s the first boyfriend in my life to have actually taken the time out to hang out with my friends, and receive the seal of approval from the one person who mean everything to me, my best friend Amy. My mom and dad love him, and he’s gotten along quite well with my siblings.

Aside from that we’ve been up to so much. We went and saw Star Trek last weekend, and went to the Angels & Demons 12:01am showing on Friday. Last night we went out with my friends and his brother and friends to a local bar and had an absolute blast. I believe Friday we’re going to the 12:01am for Terminator Salvation so that’ll be flipping sweet.

So, how’s that for actually updating my website and actually writing about something personal rather than some bullshit iPhone jailbreaking, or what software alternatives I’ve come across. I’m definitely going to try to update this more… That and I’m actually working on getting this site fixed up and active again.