Busy Bee

Oi, so I’ve opened up WordPress several times to update my blog with updates on how work has been, but each time I either forget, get distracted or just don’t want to write about what I’ve been up to. I’m finally just forcing myself to post right now just because I know I’ll keep opening up WordPress every dayl.

I’m currently on my third week of work, and it’s been amazing. I’m not a morning person by any means, but so far I’ve been doing a decent job of waking up at 6:40AM, and being ready to walk out of the house at 7:35AM. This is where it gets a little complicated. There’s a Metra train that runs a few blocks from my house, however, the last exit is about 2 miles from where I work. I’d have to take a 7:27AM train to get to work at 8:30AM. So instead I drive 13 miles east to another station that leaves at 8:08AM and arrives downtown at Randolph/South Water St at 8:48AM. Work is a block away, so pfft to walking far! 😛

Lately I’ve been stopping at the Starbucks at the corner for an iced Chai latte, but that’s a $4.40 expense I’d rather not have. So I’ll make it a Friday-morning treat instead. I’ve got a nice little setup at work, definitely better than the shit I had at the job I worked a few months ago (I mean seriously a 15″ monitor, wtf? 512MB of ram to multitask with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs? HA!) My workstation has a 19″ widescreen monitor, and the desktop has Vista Premium, 4GB ram, 500GB SATA drive, 512MB video card, and a bunch of other shit I don’t utilize.

Work is just your standard 9-5pm. I usually go out to eat lunch at Subway, Qdoba, Noodles and Company, and some local dives. Most of that is within 5 blocks of me, but lately I’ve just been wandering around aimlessly during lunch to see what I can come across. Last week I went to the post office at the Aon Center and discovered a plethora of other places I can hit up.

Outside of work I haven’t been up to anything else really, since I’ve just been so focused on work. Lately my only concerns have been trying to redesign Holdfire and atourworst.org, so maybe this weekend I can have one of those done, or near being done. We’ll see!