My site needs a refresh

I haven’t even had this design up for two months and I’ve hated it the day I ended up launching it. Tired of the colors, the huge size of it and the fact that it still isn’t making me want to blog more often. So I’m considering working on a new design for it but yet again I’m not even sure that I want to keep it on I like the domain but I was contemplating moving everything over to (or even trying to get ahold of but not sure if that will happen.) Who knows what will happen because I’ve got a million ideas for some other projects I’m working on so I’ll end up pushing it back.

In other news, in four more days I’ll have been walking for a month. I started off using a walker for a couple weeks and eventually moved to just using a single crutch on my right side. Now I can pretty much walk without it although I did have an issue sprout up on Thanksgiving. My tendons are moving over the knee whenever it bends thus causing it to pop. There isn’t any pain involved but it’s very awkward walking. I’ll find out Thursday at my orthopedic appointment on what I can do to help it.

I also graduated to being able to walk up and down stairs although I’ve yet to accomplish this feat at my house (excluding the patio stairs which are only 5 steps total.) My house stairs are both wooden so it’s a little more difficult to use without the fear of slipping. Otherwise I’ve got not problems at Steve’s house or the movie theaters (which we’ve gone to twice for New Moon & The Blind Side.) Now it’s just a matter of getting more therapy (done by myself) to be able to squat without needing any kind of support and gaining mobility with my hip and knee.