Super busy the last few months

I have severely neglected my blog again :(. Around the time school started, I picked up another part-time job that is more like full-time and is pretty demanding of mine time. So between school work and work work, I have been absolutely swamped this year. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I haven’t been able to do any fun coding on my site or work on any of my own projects.

Right now my weekend looks like it will be full of Adobe Flash for my midterm project that’s due Monday and a website for the website competition through JJC which is due by March 11th. Not only that but I also have a client I picked up over the week, so I’ve got his site I need to do. Blargghh, no time for anything anymore.

Either way, I don’t mind it so much but sometimes I feel like I never get ~me~ time anymore to do whatever I want. Perhaps this is what I can use to justify the fact that I want to purchase the Astro A30s for myself. Kind of tired with my current headset and wouldn’t mind having these. I almost bought a new 23″ Acer LED but I stopped myself for some reason. I suppose I felt that since I still have a secondary monitor that’s 19″, that I don’t need the 23″. Pfft.

Goodbye Blackjack, hello iPhone

Well, almost two months into the job and things are still going very well. The only thing I still can’t adjust to is that I wake up around 6:30am every morning, yet I still go to sleep around 12:30-1am. There are days when it doesn’t affect me, but I have maybe 1-2 days a week where I feel completely drained and am constantly yawning and fighting to stay awake.

I’m sure eventually I’ll go to sleep early! In other news with the reliable source of income, I’ve made the decision to go ahead and do away with my Samsung Blackjack and get an Apple iPhone 3G. I just really needed something that was more suitable for me as I’m constantly downtown. I need a better way to stay updated on the go, and because I just want to have an iPhone. I’m going in tomorrow to AT&T to upgrade my phone to get the $199 price for the 8GB iPhone. My Blackjack I actually ordered online from eBay so the last time I had an upgrade was in 2006 and it was with a Samsung SGH-D807 aka the Slider Phone.

Not only am I splurging on that but after talking with Armando I decided that I’m going to go ahead divvy up my money. $250 per check will go to my dad, and $200 will go straight into savings. Then the other money I have is pretty much used for gas, $116/mo train pass, and anything leftover is for anything I want to buy. Which I decided would be mostly electronics ranging from a new HDTV LCD monitor (not sure what size yet), Blackmagic Intensity capture card, possibly a new DSL-R, and then trying to fix up my car.

Originally I planned on saving most of money from each check for a new car, but if I’m going to move downtown I won’t need a car to do the public transit around here (that and I hate parallel parking).

Oh, and aside from work I’ve been working with a fantastic designer, Anthony Bullock on getting together a new design for Holdfire so hopefully once that’s 100% complete (he’s working on the subpage design) I’ll be able to get started on the redesign and relaunch for it. 🙂

Busy Bee

Oi, so I’ve opened up WordPress several times to update my blog with updates on how work has been, but each time I either forget, get distracted or just don’t want to write about what I’ve been up to. I’m finally just forcing myself to post right now just because I know I’ll keep opening up WordPress every dayl.

I’m currently on my third week of work, and it’s been amazing. I’m not a morning person by any means, but so far I’ve been doing a decent job of waking up at 6:40AM, and being ready to walk out of the house at 7:35AM. This is where it gets a little complicated. There’s a Metra train that runs a few blocks from my house, however, the last exit is about 2 miles from where I work. I’d have to take a 7:27AM train to get to work at 8:30AM. So instead I drive 13 miles east to another station that leaves at 8:08AM and arrives downtown at Randolph/South Water St at 8:48AM. Work is a block away, so pfft to walking far! 😛

Lately I’ve been stopping at the Starbucks at the corner for an iced Chai latte, but that’s a $4.40 expense I’d rather not have. So I’ll make it a Friday-morning treat instead. I’ve got a nice little setup at work, definitely better than the shit I had at the job I worked a few months ago (I mean seriously a 15″ monitor, wtf? 512MB of ram to multitask with Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs? HA!) My workstation has a 19″ widescreen monitor, and the desktop has Vista Premium, 4GB ram, 500GB SATA drive, 512MB video card, and a bunch of other shit I don’t utilize.

Work is just your standard 9-5pm. I usually go out to eat lunch at Subway, Qdoba, Noodles and Company, and some local dives. Most of that is within 5 blocks of me, but lately I’ve just been wandering around aimlessly during lunch to see what I can come across. Last week I went to the post office at the Aon Center and discovered a plethora of other places I can hit up.

Outside of work I haven’t been up to anything else really, since I’ve just been so focused on work. Lately my only concerns have been trying to redesign Holdfire and, so maybe this weekend I can have one of those done, or near being done. We’ll see!

$4.07 for unleaded gas, and climbing

When I first started driving back in 2002, I used to pay no more than $1.15 for a gallon of gas. It was awesome because my car only had an 11 gallon tank, and it would be under $13 to fill up my car. Typically that would last two weeks, since I usually only drive to school at that point. Or if I did drive around, maybe I’d spend $25 for two weeks of gas!

Today the $4.00+ gas finally made its way from downtown [Chicago] to the outer suburbs. It’s been skirting around $3.90-99 for the past few days, with hopes of it going down. On my way to work, I paid $3.88 at Shell (which in the past, used to be the last place I’d ever go to!) with a $25 gift card that my grandparent’s gave me for my birthday.

While I was on my way home, the gas station two blocks from me is now at $4.07. What. The Fuck?! It’s not even Memorial Day, and it’s so typical for gas to shoot up .25-50 cents more around that time. I’m going to cry when I start paying $4.50+ for a gallon of gas. Namely for the fact that I currently drive on average about 35-40 miles a day for work. That’s 5 days a week. Ughs.

Other than outrageous gas prices in Illinois, I celebrated my birthday in style by going out to dinner with my family (and my best friend Amy) and then out to Durbin’s (a bar) for some good old fashioned drunk fun tiemz. Didn’t party too hard since I had to work the next day.

Speaking of which, work has been going along quite well aside from having to work with ASP/.NET. Really, I’ll take PHP/MySQL over that stuff any day. Especially with the client I’ve been working for right now. Their site is.. well, let’s just say there are inline styles, 59 “template” pages, and a database we can’t even use for development. Oh, did I mention we got the project on Friday morning with a due date of Tuesday, with Wednesday for bug fixing? Yeah. :'(

I can has updatez

Week one of work is officially over. It went very smooth, as as anticipated, I enjoy the work. The one thing I wasn’t sure about at first was the drive, which is 30 minutes one way, but surprisingly I don’t have to deal with traffic. I had expected the drive in the morning and night to be pretty horrific, but it’s actually a breeze! It also helps that it’s nearly a straight drive North, rather than dealing with random turns all over the place

My days involve me waking up at 7am, taking a shower and getting ready. I leave at 8am, and typically waltz into the office around 8:45am. I have my own cubicle to work in, although the section I’m in only has three of us. At least in our “hallway.” It is interesting getting to eavesdrop on other people though, especially the ones that are on the other side of me. The other day a lady was talking about how a mouse got into her box of Splenda, and proceeded to hope that it got cancer from it. 😛

I’ve got a bunch of projects on my platter right now, so I’ve been trying to get those done as quickly as possible. I like that I sit around all day coding up websites. Honestly, the day seems to go by really fast. Yesterday I started at 8:45am, and by the time I looked at the clock, I realized it was already 11:30am and my tummy was growling.

I think my personal favorite of the job thus far is that everyone uses IRC to talk to each other. Although I have to admit that when I’ve got a few questions I feel weird PM’ing him in the #chan, because he’s literally diagonal to my cube.

In other news, my birthday is in five days and my Kentucky Derby pick (Gayego) was a failure as it normally is.