$1900, psh, who needs money!

Well, it’s been a week and a couple days since I’ve been carless. Though I’ve still had a vehicle to drive around with nonetheless, even though I’ve complained about it everyday–for the soul fact that it’s a huge ass Dodge caravan that could seat 20 or more people if I tried to. I should be getting my car back later today (even though I’ll be at work) or tomorrow, pending my dad picks it up for me. It’s going to cost $1900 and you bet your ass that every penny is going to come from me… eventually. Right now I’ve got enough to cover half of that, and still spare myself a few bucks to last me until next week’s paycheck. So while it’s really going to damper my checking account, at least it’ll be fixed.

After that my money will be saved for my new car’s down payment, and not new computer parks like I was originally saving for. That’ll be put on hold for Christmas gifts I suppose. Though I’m starting to lean towards a laptop instead of building a new desktop, and despite hating Dell beyond belief, I saw a new commerical for a laptop with *gasp* an AMD processor. Though I don’t think I’ll go that route, if i do, I’ll just go through Best Buy and get a bit of a discount off that and the PSP.

In other news, I’ve been working like crazy. Last week I worked almost a week straight, and had Sunday off. Though I was tempted to go in from 4-8:30pm, a nice bullshit close, to pick up some overtime, but the thought of working and not hanging out with Mark some more was enough to make me say no. This week I also work Mon-Sat. I picked up a Tuesday close from 5-10:30 for Robin, the MIT, and I’ll have 40 hours for next week. So! A nice 80 hour paycheck next week. That’s definitely going to help pay for my car’s trans.

Things are still going great in my life right now. Things with Mark are pretty awesome. Again, we’re not dating or anything, but how things are right now. I like it. ALOT. That’s all I’m really going to say about that right now. I need to head to Best Buy to buy a new router since my Linksys is on the verge of dying (that is if it isn’t technically dead already) and pick up a check from there (hopefully.)

Oh, also saw Stranger Than Fiction last night. It was a decent film, though I’m not sure if I’d pay to see it again. It was definitely a new style for Will Ferrel. Kind of reminded me of how Adam Sandler was in Spanglish–not his usual character.

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  1. I want to see Stranger Than Fiction badly.

    I’m switching to a Mac, after I’ve talked my mom into buying me one. I think once I get there, I’ll never consider using a PC again.

    That’s a lot to fix a car. Money sucks when you have to spent it. 🙁

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