Cyclic Redundency Check.. wtf?!

Well, after a year and a half of smooth sailing with my computer (or rather the hard drive) it finally decided to take the world’s hugest shit on me. It didn’t even die, that’s the worst part. It ended up getting horribly corrupt to the point where I couldn’t delete files without getting read and/or CRC issues, nor could I install various programs (though some worked just fine!?)I wasn’t able to backup anything. The zip I made of my important documents, was going to take well over 24 hours to upload (wtf?) so I decided that I needed to get used to a clean plate to work with. I’m going to ship the drive to Rem so he can take a look at it and work his magic. There’s over 3,000 photographs, and about 2-3gb’s worth of website files. But right now I’m fine with the thought of not having the back. Sometimes it’s good to have a clean start. -shrug-

I’m now running a 120gb Seagate (ATA). Well, it’s not running YET but I just took out the old drive, and put in the new one. Going to boot from cd-rom, so I can install a new OS. My other problem I came across after the drive pooping: Not having my old restore disc, aka I am SOL. Thanks to Rem (again! what a life saver) he went ahead and uploaded it for me, so I could burn the cue file to a disc. So I have to get that started, but right now I’m taking a break and enjoying some Chocolate Marble Ice Cream, and checking up on e-mails and writing this post via Chris’ laptop (the one I’m blaming for my Maxtor’s death!)

I’m excited because this kind of gives me a chance to get everything anally organized. I’m going to partition for the os, one for programs, one for photos, one for music, and one for website files. It’s going to look rather snazzy. Then once I get all of my programs uploaded (it’s going to be a bitch, I have so many in regards to photo editing, os themers, and various other programs.) I’ll worry about uploading my ipod’s hd. That was the one thing I wasn’t worried about–my music, all 30gb’s of it. Hehe, it’s on my ipod, and I knew it was as simple as downloading a program to be able to upload from the ipod. sweet.

Back to getting my computer back into tip-top shape.

edit: Well, my computer is now back up and running. Installed the new hard drive, installed Windows XP Pro, and updated the drivers. Currently reinstalling all of the software programs. It’s a bit tedious and frustrating since I can’t remember the names of some of them–but maybe that’s a good thing. I’m also going to let my iPod upload while I’m sleeping. Which I should be doing in a few minutes…


  1. CRAPPY computer equals newer and better computer to buy! Heh. Mine is slowing down, but it’s not dying yet!! argh, I have to find some way to make this piece of crap to stop working.

    I hope this clean start would not mean losing everything.

  2. Heh, wow, that sucks your hard drive just decided to poop on you. I suppose that’s really nice you already have it back and fixed and everything though! lol. Congrats.

  3. Yeah, that would suck majors.

    good thing you know alot about computers!!!

    yeah, i have all of those programs installed and they work wonders 🙂 lol

  4. Sorry about your hardrive, that happened to me a few months ago. I have this external drive where I keep important things and our underground line outside was struck by lightening so I couldn’t retrieve any of my files.

  5. wow, i would hate to lose all of my files. =| wee that it didn’t go bad. ^^ im shocked, 30gb of songs.. you must be one of those music-crazy people lol.

  6. It’s the worst thing that can happen you when it comes to computers. You have to reformat the damn thing and reinstall everything just to get it back to normal. Or well. At least you’ll benefit from a faster PC with a clean install.

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