Ever since I can remember…

Lately I’ve been up to a whole ‘lotta nothing. And I have to admit I’m getting really bored about it. This whole Best Buy situation has left me stressed and overall disappointed with the store I had been in contact with transferring. It’s to the point where I need to scramble around to find another store to go into, because once my old store terminates my number I’ll have to wait 6 months until I can be rehired. So I’ve been applying at Time Warner, CompUSA, and a few other various jobs that I’ve got bookmarked/written down to apply to in-store.

Other then that my other amazing days are filled up with hanging out with Rem and doing whatever. Seriously, all the times we hang out, make up for the previous months being so crappy. I’m so happy that we get along great, and that he’s godawfully cute -insert big dopey cheesy smile- Definitely glad that the days we hang out, are most definitely NOT boring. Things will get even better once I have a stable job back, with a decent cashflow (though I have to admit Holdfire has been doing great this month, and will be even better once alot of clients pay their dues) I’ll be able to get my apartment and I can invite the poor bastard over for dinner, because he’s an awful cook I’m sure. I know the first thing I’m going to make will be my ever-so-awesome Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, with some brownies for dessert. I’m so sweet.

Here a photo I took the other day, when we were at the park:


  1. Good luck with possibly getting hired at a different store! I’m in the process of looking for a new (better paying, maybe?) job as well so I definitely know how it feels. I absolutely love that picture you took of kite-flying in the park. It’s so gorgeous! It looks like it’s a screen shot of a commercial, or something!

  2. i am so plugging your hosting company so that you can get that apartment 🙂 i miss summer and school breaks when all i do is get lost in the pages of a good book or walk around malls and stuff… 🙂

    oh and, you make me feel guilty about not knowing how to cook pweh

    ps: love that photo

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your current job situation. I hope you’re able to work things out so you can go back to being un-bored with your daily routine. Congratulations on how things are going with both Holdfire and Rem, I hope it remains good for the sake of your happiness.

    I have to also note how gorgeous that image is, I swear I’m looking at a stock photo..hehe.

  4. I hope you have good luck with your job situation. It sounds like you’re on the right track though.
    I love that photo you took. The sky looks amazing. I also noticed you like Mogwai, I love them too…

  5. 🙁 Unfortunately he didn’t know. I am getting it “fixed from a friend”. The thing was though. He had it working but the cd rom wasn’t reading cds properly and gave me a weird permission error. Next thing I know, the dudes in the bios changing things and screwed it up. As far as I know, he could of reformated the the main hard drive on me. And I don’t own or know anyone with windows XP or windows period.

    My mom is supposively sending me her used computer to tide me over until I get a “laptop for college”. 🙁 I’ll still blog just a new layout is the only problem. My sister is nice enough to let me use hers for the time being. As of August, I don’t know exactly what I can do about the net or pc as I’m being kicked out.

  6. Goodluck with finding another place to work. Too be honest I’m also a bit bored *sigh* it’s summervacation, but I try to just relax… after summer it’s going to be hectic again so… savour it. Great you’re spending time with a cute guy 😀 I love the picture you took it’s beautiful!

  7. First off I love that picture you took too, and I wish you could find a new job soon if you have to quit your actual occupation before getting rehired . I had few job issues in the past months and I can understand how annoying they can get *gosh* so just good luck on it !

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