Fa La Lattes and Ho Ho Mochas, oh my

Even though I requested to work on Thanksgiving (yes, CC is still open) I’m excited that I’m home for the holidays. Last year was really hard for Holidays–I didn’t come home for ANYTHING (nope, not for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.) This year is very different for me at home too. After moving out and truly learning the value of a dollar, my expectations for Christmas presents aren’t going to be the same. I’m not even sure I’m going to ask anything from my parents, though I might just be a geek and ask them to order me a 1GB stick of PC3200 from Newegg.

What I’m excited about is that I won’t have to be alone for any of these holidays. I’m not looking forward to Thanksgiving because of certain family that will be up here. I just never cared for this person since I was younger after something this person had said to me. Ever since then I’ve dreaded the thought of this person being within a 50 foot radius. The other annoyances are meager so it won’t be too bad. I just don’t want to hear about my leaving Houston, or hear about how much I’ve changed (or how pudgey I’ve gotten since I was last living with my parents–I can’t help it that despite living off of Ramen noodles for most of 2005, I still somehow managed to gain weight.)

All around I think this year has definitely looked up. In January, I would’ve said that this was the worst possible year ever. And well, though I still agree that there’s been far too many negatives, there’s still far more positives that outweigh it all.

Saturday night was spent working until 6pm, and then going to see Happy Feet with Mark at the IMAX theater. It was definitely a great movie, and I’m really tempted to go see it again. There were a few minor annoyances towards the last thirty minutes of the movie, but not enough to alter my love for Ramon, the penguin voiced by Robin Williams (“Yeah, I heard an animal once do that, but then they rolled him over and he was dead.”)

Sunday was my day off, so I spent it sleeping it sans an alarm. It was great to wake up naturally at noon, instead of waking up by alarm. Pretty much spent the day laying around watching Philadelphia, and then tried to work on HFNET some but that failed horribly. After that I went over to Mark’s house later on in the evening and watched the new episode of ATHF, the Simpsons, and the War At Home. Not sure what time we ended up going to sleep, but I do know that much cuddling was had, and it was fantastic. Best way to fall asleep, that’s for sure.

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