From shy and quiet, to outgoing and bousterious.

At BB today I realized how much I’ve changed over the years in regards to my personality. I’m a lot more outgoing, and able to start conversations with random people then when I was younger. Granted, working in retail is a lot different then say, approaching someone random at a mall or when you’re out and about but it’s almost the same. They’re random strangers that you’ve never met before, regardless if it’s your job to greet them and start up a conversation.

I’ve just noticed that after I help a customer, I’m surprised at how I feel like I’ve known them for years and how I’m constantly smiling as is the customer. Or how I can make them laugh with my cheeky comments. I think what really made me notice this was that whenever I was having a good conversation or interaction with a customer my co-worker, Mike, would come into the picture and join in on it. The last one we had of the day he said to me “Man, I heard laughing going on and looked around and saw you and those guys smiling so I had to join in on the fun.” Granted, I’m not quoting verbatim but it was something to that extent.

I mean hell, I just met my Slingbox REP today and we hit it off amazingly well. I won’t try to say that it was because he was absolutely gorgeous and had a fantastic smile and voice, but I’ll leave that for another entry! But seriously, it just amazes me that I can hop into a conversation at work and just flow right into it as if I was already in it or I’ve known those people for forever.

I’m sure that this new “talent” is also why I’m perfect for retail. I may not have the body for various other jobs (Damn, I was surely hoping for my career to be with Hooters!) but I definitely have the smile, laugh, and personality for it. I may not always get customers that appreciate my knowledge and how I approach their needs, but for the most part, I typically do a slamdunk job.

I’m also starting to apply this to my life outside of work. Okay reverse, it’s still in work but it’s with the guys that I work with. I’m able to talk to them with no problems whatsoever, and I get along with them (with the exception of Tim who I think has a distaste for me after my little incident with being overly competitive and bragging about a sale I had). Or maybe it’s the fact that they’re guys that I feel more comfortable around. I definitely haven’t made any girlfriends at work, so that honestly might be the case. Either way, I prefer having guy friends over girl friends. Amy is my main girl, and I like it that way. I’m just not one to get along with the same sex.

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  1. I can definitely relate, but I am still a bit shy around new people. Before I started working I would only talk to people if they approached me first and the conversations were never more than a few words. Now I enjoy talking to people.

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