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Working for a coffee company, Caribou Coffee has it’s ups and its downs. Some days have aren’t so balanced with a lot more “downs” then anything else. Today had a few more of those then I like dealing with. Normally I’m fine with customers ordering ala Starbucks. I’ve become accustomed to hearing this during each of my shifts, so it doesn’t annoy me as much as it used to.

Hell, I’m used to a lot of references to Starbucks whenever customers are in. Whether it’s a slip-up of what size they want (we don’t use the Italian sizing, we use the standard Americanized: Small, Medium, and Large as opposed to Tall, Grande, and Venti.) So I don’t generally get annoyed (though I do get annoyed when customers go “Oh, “SB” you know, the other *wink* place” or something to that extent.

Oh, that’s a lie. Lately the one thing that will drive me absolutely insane, and will make me smile at you while I’m wishing you a slow and painful death, is if you order a macchiato, especially if you put “caramel” before it. Please, understand that just because one corporation makes one drink, that another entirely different (though same) corporation might not make it the same. I don’t go into Burger King expecting them to give me a Big Mac (not that I’d ever order a Big Mac anyway.)

Our macchiatos are espresso shots (2 for small, 3 for medium, and 4 for large) with two to three dollops of froth on top, and nothing else. We do not add milk, flavoring, or whipped cream. So please, for the love of god, do not order a caramel macchiato and except to get a Vanilla latte with steamed milk, whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

On Tuesday of last week, I had a young girl and her father come into the store, and since I was on register, I took their order. She didn’t look at the menu and ordered a caramel macchiato. I held in my sigh, and explained to her that our macchiatos are just straight espresso with dollops of froth. She said “Yeah, I’ve had that before, that’s what I want.” So I said I just nodded and put their order through. She gets her “caramel macchiato” and I knew she was going to complain about it. Sure enough, she says “It’s too strong, and this is not what I ordered.” Well, I took the time to explain what the drink was, it most definitely is what you ordered, didn’t say that’s what you expected. So I explained to her again the difference between our drinks and Starbucks, and then realize that she wanted a Caramel Hi-Rise. Though not the same to the SB Macchiato, as theirs is milk, vanilla, espresso shots poured through the milk, with whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top.

Good lord, I just blogged about work. Either I just embarked on a new journey, or dug myself a grave. I guess the comments will decide my faint.


  1. Well, let me tell you first that your entry made me laugh. Especially the BK part… haha… I have never heard of the place you work @, so I clicked on the link, and I found out why! There are no CC in Nevada. Anyway, ummm… I don’t like SB in the first place. Too sweet for my palate. And, I mean, if people are so infatuated with SB, why do they go to CC? People are just plain weird! Well, that little girl sure sounded like a know it all. I’m being sarcastic here… hehe… well, good luck @ work, and as to whether you’re onto a new journey or dug yourself a grave… I’d say you just needed an outlet 😉 OMG! I can’t believe it! You listen to EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY?! I do too! I have never found anyone else who liked them! Woot-woot! hehe… later!

  2. The one time I can’t drink coffee and you blog about it?! You’re so insensitive! 😉

    Talking of coffee – what’s with all those weird names anyway? I’ve never been in a StarBucks before so maybe I’m missing something, but to me: coffee is coffee is coffee.

    (Ps. Why would you not order a Big Mac? Anti-McD’s or just not a fan of the Big Mac?)

  3. [Comment ID #2262 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If only coffee were that simple! Coffee shops have their own names for their “speciality” drinks. The starbucks and caribou website have some examples of names, and what those drinks are exactly.

    I wouldn’t order a Big Mac because I never liked the odd sauce on the burger : And now I don’t do McD’s because I’ve made a “vow” to myself to stay away from (literal) fast food. I’ll still do a gourmet sandwich shop or maybe chinese food. 🙂

  4. Man, I’d be super annoyed if I had your job. Why can’t people bother reading the menu before they order? Is tit that hard?

    But all that coffee talk has made me want to drink coffee 😀

  5. hahahha, well as a supervisor at said SB :P, i feel obligated to point out that the caramel macchiato does not come with whipped cream 😛

    hahaha j/k, here we get alot of ‘can i have a medium double double?’ which is canadian slang for medium coffee with two cream, two sugar. lol

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