Hello, I’m supposed to comment.

I’m a member of a couple of commenting sites, Despair.nu and Rouged.org. From each of them I’ve endured many ridiculously awful websites, but for some of them I’ve left legit comments, and others sites I just can’t bring myself to comment.

I received a comment on my previous entry, Site Updates from Lena of cherirose.com. Normally I’d be grateful for the comment, and will even visit their site to return the gesture, but upon actually reading the comment, I became annoyed, yet amused.

Hello my name is Lena and i am suppose to comment on your site so i am commenting. Nice blog site you have here. Plain and simple.

I, uh, uhm… ? So I sent her an e-mail giving her a “heads up” that a commenting network (eg: rouged.org) is for actually leaving legitmate comments, and not something that replicates a carbon copy of a spam e-mail. You visit the website, read the entry, and post a comment in regards to that entry. So of course I got your typical and expected snooty e-mail.

I’ve already sent several replies to her replies, but to sum it up she uses the ever-so popular excuse of “it’s the internet,” “get over it,” “I can do whatever I want,” and various other statements that I would say when I was twelve years old, and not twenty-nine as her website states.

Either way, for future reference: If you’re going to leave a comment on my site, please read the entry and comment in regards to the entry. Also make sure it’s because you want to comment not because you’re “supposed to comment.”


  1. The funny thing is, I saw the comment on your last blog and I thought the same thing. I know she’s not on Despair anymore (she asked me to delete her off of it) but you could probably report her for that. Since, I believe at Rogued it IS against the rules to leave an unmeaningful comment, or at least talk to Nile (if it’s not already) about making it a rule. What’s the point in joining a commenting rotation if you’re not even going to really comment? I’ve been hearing A LOT about this Lena girl all over the web (on disaster and a few other message boards). Yes it is the internet, but still.

  2. Man, if she left a comment like that on my blog I would have gone mad. Ugh. I love how people sign up to such commenting sites simply because they want the comments themselves. Ughhh

  3. I used to be part of those commenting sites, I left coz some sites were too iffy to comment and the comments left were somewhat similiar to yours or even worse, eg. “Cool site.”

    I know what you mean, some people need to show some bloody decency.

  4. i dont even cant count on my self how many webdesigners or bloggers out there who complaining about how they got this type of “hello, nice layout” comment…
    people do this just because they just want a COMMENT back at their sites… im agree with you… why does people soooooo “in love” with comments? many comments dont mean the site is popular…
    people need to growth up

  5. Wow, I never knew there was a such thing as “commenting networks”. I guess ya really do learn something new everyday! 😀

    Now that I know what can happen when it backfires, I don’t think I’d ever bother using it just to get a couple of comments on my site, it’s just not worth it.

    P.S. I’m liking the new design changes.

  6. I think I’m sort of boycotting those comment rotation things. All the sites I had to comment on were either not up anymore, or on hiatus. And no one, it seemed, had me as their site to comment on. It was sort of pointless after the fourth week of the same crap. Same with those button rotations. I think I just reassessed why I wanted a site, was it for comments, or for a place to rant and rave and etc. Was I doing it for them, or for me? If I wanted a comment on something I wrote, instant feedback…I’d just go ahead and show someone offline what I wrote. So yeah… those sites are nice I guess. If you want to be frustrated etc.

  7. I’m a member of Despair too! The only problem I have with it is the quality of the comments, like you – they’re either too short, don’t make sense, or it feels like you wrote something good, and no one actually read it. Your problem is one I haven’t quite found on my site…yet, and although I’m terrified of it coming, I have the perfect angry e-mail to send back to them!

    PSST! It involves large whales!

    Also, sidenote: I like your comment structure a lot! Great job 😀

  8. [Comment ID #2145 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Glad you like the changes; I’m obsessed with simple, and I’m trying to tweak this enough for it to look even better, more functional, and well, a teensy bit web 2.0. 😀

  9. THAT is exactly why i am no longer a member of those commenting sites…. those people would leave me some of the most off the wall and totally unrelated to my post comments….. plus, half of the sites i would get assigned to were either defunct or i just couldn’t relate to anything they posted about……

  10. Hahahahaha! I’m sorry. It’s funny. It’s not, but it is. Oh and I bet you’re thinking OMG this has NOTHING to do with this post, yet it’s about to becauuuuseeeee…..

    You’re so funny!

    That comment Lena left, however, was not. Well it was, but not. Maybe more so because she felt the need to get all catty. Hello Lena, you are a fucktard, goodbye.

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