So I log into wordpress and I see some new comments. Two from Gregory and one from an Elda. And I say “an Elda” because I wasn’t sure if it was who I thought it was or not. Upon checking slimstat, I see that someone searched for “Jordan Miskowicz” on yahoo, and then I checked out the comment in wordpress, and sure enough it was my mom that left the comment. 🙂

Happy Birthday Mommy, because I know you’re going to stalk this website now 🙂


  1. hahaha, that’s some really cute post, jordan! 😀
    i think i would have posted something like – “i know you’re reading this mom, and you know i know that we both know that you shouldn’t.”


  2. Oh my god that’s weird. o_O I think I would actually close my site immediately if my parents read my blog. But then again, they’re nuts at this internet stuff, so I’m safe I guess. Lol.

  3. How nice of your mom to leave a comment. My parents did that once on my website so far. Happy Birthday to your mom from me too;-)

  4. Haha, that’s so cute. So your mom found your website. She must be so proud, though. =D

  5. It’s cute that your parents read your site. At least you’re not some rebel teen who is like OMGZ MOM, DAD, GET AWAY GET AWAY! Seriously.

    My mom e-mails me. It’s cute. 😀 And Jordan, I have you on LJ.. so I’m figuring I’m gonna add you to my links, too, aye?

  6. I never actually thought about spending that much time researching who comments on my site….maybe I should someday, just for the fun of it.

  7. OH my… I saw the comment you left, then meng, then you again.

    I see were you’re both coming from with me, and my job. I know you probly have doubts with me, my patience, and knowledge with pcs. I just learnt over the phone how to reformat a pc. So I know I can learn a lot from this job as well in a short time. 2 weeks of training, and experience will wonders for me. I know I can do it! I’ve done customer service for 5 yrs now. Its a breeze. Hell I even took a yr of this crap at college.

    So thanks for saying its not going to be easy, and to be realistic. I needed that, but if you have a problem with meng, I’d pref you two could email it out rather use my blog as a fighting ground. I think he was just being protective over me and thought you were telling me I wouldn’t be successful.

    I just hope you two can make peace, move on, and settle down.

    P.S. I would of done/ have done the same thing before to someone.

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