Holdfire and other things

Things are getting bigger and better for Holdfire. Rem and I recently sent another webhosting company an e-mail offering to buy out their paying monthly customers, but so far no reply from them. We did this because of an entry we read about the owner probably not being able to pay for their server, and essentially losing all of their clients. Holdfire to the request, that’s for sure. But again, no reply, so we’re going to get into contact again, to emphasize our offer, because we’re willing to pay this person for the clients.

My other job has been going good. I’ve gotten the hang of wireless in a matter of days. I’ve done Cingular and Sprint activations so far. Haven’t gotten in a Verizon. I’m also trying to get in a deposit as well. I’ve had a few credit applications go through that required a $300 deposit for each line, and then another guy was for $400 for a single line. Sooner or later I’m going to get it in.

I also found out that I can get an ANR account with Cingular. $25/month for 2,000 minutes, unlimited txt, and 5MB of Media Mall download. The only extra I’d have to pay for would be M2M and N/W. But with 2,000 minutes I wouldn’t even need to worry about it. I’d get it solely for the unlimited txt’ing, and use that mobile just for that. The only downfall is that I’d have to go through a credit check, which in turn means a deposit, depsite the fact there’s no contract? Who knows.


  1. Its good that your other job is going good… and I don’t think that I can comment on anything else, because I have no idea what it all means. O.o

  2. WOW – that is one kick bootie deal with Cingular. I would love to have 2000 minutes for $25. *lol* I am officially jealous. 🙂

  3. what’s an anr account? is that like a prepaid account? sorry, i know nil when it comes to cell phones. i’m probably the only person in the world that doesn’t own a cell phone.
    you run a hosting company? no shit. i’m totally going to need a new host very soon and i will most definitely keep you in mind…

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